Coupons for Good: 4 Favourite Fashion Stores that Have Online Shopping Benefits

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Shopping usually seems like a simple chore that doesn’t require much thought. Where you shop, however, can affect more than your household budget. When you choose certain brands and retail stores, you can make your community a better place to live.


JCPenney partners with nonprofits like YMCA, Salvation Army, National Breast Cancer Foundation, and United Way.

The company also operates its own 501(c)3 called JCPenney Cares. JCPenney Cares was launched in 2012 to fund programs that benefit communities around the company. The nonprofit dedicates itself to working on a different issue each month. Past issues have included breast cancer awareness, after-school programs, and providing meals during the holiday season.

You can save money while helping JCPenney make the world a better place. Start by visiting the GoodSearch website to find JCPenney coupons. You can also get discounts by visiting the Coupons for Good Facebook page.

The more you shop at JCPenney, the more the company can give back to the community. If you can save a little money during your next shopping trip, you can help your family and community at the same time.


H&M gives back to the community in a subtle way that helps protect the environment. Starting in 2015, the clothing retailer began accepting used clothes that it would recycle into new fashions. Items in the Denim Re-Born collection were made of 20 percent recycled yarn. Donors even receive vouchers to save 15 percent off their next purchases.

When you donate used clothing to H&M, the company will also donate to Global Green USA, a non-profit dedicated to protecting the environment.

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You can find Reebok shoes at retail stores all around the country. You can also purchase the brand’s shoes directly from its outlet stores. Each purchase makes it easier for the company to support youth fitness programs.

The United States has a concerning number of obese and overweight children who are at risk of developing serious illnesses before they even reach adulthood. Reebok created its BOKS program to get kids more active. The program currently provides before-school physical activities in more than 1,000 schools. By teaching children healthy habits, the Rebook hopes to help them avoid health problems like diabetes and heart disease.

Whether you buy Reebok merchandise from a store or directly from the company, you help the BOKS program improve thousands of lives around the U.S. Visit the GoodSearch website to find coupons that will help you save money when you buy Reebok products. The Coupons for Good Facebook page also has discount opportunities that make Reebok shoes more affordable.


Macy’s has an impressive record of donating money to nonprofits. In 2015, the department store chain donated more than $27 million to about 5,200 nonprofit organizations. The company also operates several cause-related programs with nonprofits like Go Red for Women, Reading is Fundamental, and Shop for a Cause.

These four places moms can shop that give back to the community add a positive level to the shopping experience. As long as you choose the right companies, you can improve your community while giving your family members the items they need.

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