5 Ways to Style a Ponytail

how to style a ponytail

Unfortunately, not all of us have the hair stylist that Kim K does, so we have to make-do with our own basic hairdressing skills.

When you’re doing your hair every day, it’s very common to get stuck in the same rut and fall for the same trick every time. That’s where we bring in our top tips to style a ponytail, from some simple every day hacks to full-blown special occasion styles!


style a ponytail: braided

Perhaps one of the easiest and most effective looking ponytails is the braided one.

Although it is very reminiscent of those torturous braiding machines that tied your hair up on so many knots that you had to chop a full chunk of hair out, you can do it all within a matter of minutes.

Simply grab a piece of hair near the front of your hair, braid it and incorporate it when you’re styling the ponytail.

All you need is some hair grips, bobbles and basic braiding skills and you’ll look like you spent hours on your hair, when you really rolled out of bed 5 minutes ago… Result!



cupofjo - parted style a ponytail

If the whole ‘ponytail’ work is too much effort for you (let’s face it – Monday mornings do get the better of us sometimes…), you should definitely try the simple and sleek parted ponytail.

It’s the easiest way to style a ponytail and is an essential go-to hairstyle for busy women, purely for the fact that it takes minutes to do! This tutorial by A Cup of Jo explains it all, but it’s really simple to follow. Pop your hair up in the bog-standard ponytail, then take a piece of hair and wrap it around the base of the ponytail to hide the hair band.



style a ponytail : high up

The 60’s inspired pony is definitely making a comeback; with these two hairstyles we’ve shown being some of our favourites! It’s a bit more difficult to master than the other ones we’ve mentioned but definitely worth the extra time.

The ponytail is simple enough to style, but just requires a bit of practice. To style this ponytail you need to grab a section of hair from the front of your head, back-comb it (to the point where it resembles a hedgehog) and sweep it back over the top of your head.

It’s simpler than we’ve made it out to be and definitely looks much nicer!



style a ponytail: high-up

Another simple way to style your ponytail is have it high up in the center of your head. It’s not just for school kids having competitions about how high they can get their hair; women (and men!) can tie their hair up in a high ponytail for maximum comfort. It’s a great, stylish way to get your hair out of your face!

It’s also a really easy way to look like you’ve just had botox done, especially when the hair is pulled super tight!



style a ponytail : bubble

OK, we admit that this isn’t the most practical or wearable way to style a ponytail, but it’s pretty cool. We doubt we’ll ever wear it, but it would definitely catch eyes at the Christmas party!

What is your favourite way to style a ponytail?



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