How Classy Are You?

Ever wondered how classy you really are? Do you mind your manners, know what cutlery to use and say your please and thank yous? Well, forget Downton Abbey, a new study has revealed the modern day signs of class.

Avoiding emotional Facebook rants and text speak both made a list of the top 50 touches of class. For women, subtle make-up, never drinking from a bottle and displaying cleavage sparingly were signs of holding yourself well. While for men having a firm handshake, knowing when to admit you’re wrong and owning a tailored suit made the cut.

A spokesperson from European fashion brand Peter Hahn, who commissioned the study, said: “Projecting the essence of class successfully requires a number of factors to work harmoniously, from your dress sense to your manners to your skillset.

“It helps if you have read your way through a bookcase of classics or can speak a couple of languages, but if your skirt is too short, your bow tie too sloppy or your posture too lax, your classy persona can falter.”


1. Wears subtle make-up
2. Ages gracefully
3. Confidence
4. Never drinks directly from the bottle
5. Accepts compliments graciously
6. Doesn’t wear heels higher than she can walk in
7. Always smells nice
8. Doesn’t downplay her intelligence
9. Reveals cleavage sparingly
10. Wears dresses tight enough to show she’s a woman, but loose enough to prove she’s a lady


1. Says please and thank you
2. Is well-read
3. Has good table manners
4. Doesn’t swear
5. Knows what cutlery to use
6. Is discreet
7. Doesn’t start eating a meal until everyone else at the table has their food
8. Holds doors open
9. Never drinks directly from the bottle
10. Doesn’t use text speak
11. Avoids emotional Facebook or Twitter rants
12. Gives up a seat on public transport for someone else
13. Able to speak more than one language
14. Has great posture
15. Doesn’t gossip
16. Brings gifts for hosts when attending events
17. Shops in Waitrose
18. Doesn’t get drunk
19. Knows correct way to pour a bottle of wine
20. Places a napkin on lap when eating
21. Doesn’t discuss money or how much things cost
22. Knows more than two types of wine
23. Knows correct way to hold a wine glass
24. Doesn’t wear football strips as casual wear
25. Is a good listener
26. Doesn’t watch reality TV
27. Knows Mozart from Beethoven
28. Owns a timeless pair of shoes
29. Is up to date with current affairs
30. Has good culinary knowledge
31. Has National Trust membership
32. Only gives compliments when they actually mean it
33. Attends the Chelsea Flower Show
34. Prefers champagne to prosecco
35. Pays the bill
36. Isn’t easily flustered
37. Doesn’t get into arguments
38. Never borrows money from friends
39. Knows more poetry than ‘I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud’ from William Wordsworth’s ‘Daffodils’
40. Never forgets a meeting
41. Doesn’t fill the wine glass to the top
42. Uses the word ‘supper’
43. Rarely eats takeaways
44. Listens to Today on Radio 4
45. Avoids drinking instant coffee
46. Is a generous tipper
47. Knows how to flirt properly
48. Never caught running for the bus or train
49. Arrives fashionably late to a party (but not too late)
50. Owns a pedigree dog

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