Here’s Why You’re Feeling Down (& How to Motivate Yourself)

feeling down

It’s a tale as old as time – literally. People get locket in to their daily routines and forget to actually live their lives. Now a new report has shone a light on the subject. Vitamin experts Solgar has found that doing the same things day-in, day-out means 94 per cent of us regularly drift through our lives automatically without any real thought on what we are doing. Eighty-five per cent even said they have days where they feel like they haven’t done anything differently to the day before.

The findings also clearly shine a light on our dwindling productivity levels as it also found Brits are guilty of checking through emails without really taking them in and even exercise on ‘autopilot’.

It seems Brits choose familiarity over variation with four in ten confessing they always end up grabbing the same breakfast and lunch, while a disturbing one in two adults even travel to and from work with no recollection of their journey.

But rather than practice making perfect, 82 per cent believe their monotonous lifestyle leaves them feeling unchallenged, while others say it makes them feel tired, lacking in energy and often in a low mood.

Paul Chamberlain, Head of Nutrition and Education at Solgar vitamins, has compiled his supplement recommendations to beat other ‘mindless’ symptoms:

Poor Diet

A quarter of Brits admit to having the same breakfast or lunch every day which could mean they are missing out on essential nutrients that come from a wide and varied diet.

Recommendation: For additional support, try taking a multivitamin supplement, which can provide the essential vitamins and minerals you need to maintain good health. If you are feeling sluggish, try to eat more fibrous foods such as fruits and vegetables, taking a probiotic supplement may also help improve digestion.

Low Energy

A quarter of Brits regularly struggle to feel energised and motivated. More than 80% think their energy is sapped by doing the same thing day every day, yet they are caught in a vicious circle, as a third are more likely to go through life on autopilot when feeling tired or lacking in energy.

Recommendation: B vitamins have been show to help boost energy, so try taking a B complex supplement. If you are experiencing long periods of low energy, speak to your GP, who may recommend a blood test. One common symptom of low energy is iron deficiency (detected by a blood test), and so sometimes iron supplements can help.

Lack of Focus

Over 90% of Brits find they have days where they do things on autopilot and don’t even realise they are doing it. More than a third of Brits find it difficult to break out of their autopilot mood, and half regularly admit to switching off at work.

Recommendation: If you are struggling to engage, fish oils may help as studies have shown they can help to improve concentration and boost brain power.

Author and TV Doctor Dr Ellie Cannon said: “Busy lifestyles and routines can often make us feel like we are living a little like zombies.

“As we try to deal with everything that life throws at us, we switch our handling to autopilot, but we don’t fully understand how much stress we are putting ourselves under.

“Signs of stress can show up as anxiety or restlessness, but stress can also manifest itself physically in symptoms such as lack of sleep, feeling achy or tense, or having low immunity and being susceptible to coughs and colds.

“To counter these symptoms, it’s important to take a good look at every aspect of our lives periodically and switch things up. Changes that jolt our minds and bodies out of autopilot, will not only make us feel mentally fitter but also physically fitter.

What is your best tip for feeling more motivated?


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