5 Transitional Pieces That Every Woman Needs In Her Wardrobe

transitional wardrobe pieces

You know the feeling: it’s not too hot, but not too cold either. Mornings are fresh, while you probably get a bit hot during the day. How in the world are you supposed to get dressed? Yes, autumn is here and it has its signature charm, especially when it comes to fashion.

Don’t put away your summer clothes just yet: you can incorporate them into your fall outfit. A bit of sun during the gloomy days is always a mood-lifter! Crispy air, warm colors, hot chocolate and leaves rustling beneath your feet – savour it all and embrace the transitional pieces.

1. Trench Coat

Classics are really easy to combine: a simple double-button trench coat is perfect for a timeless sophisticated look. The belt defines your waistline while the lightweight material will keep you warm enough and dry during those fall showers.

Trench coat has been around for a long time, with icons such as Marlene Dietrich, Brigitte Bardot, Jackie Kennedy, and Audrey Hepburn embracing it. It made its imprint in the fashion history with different variations in cuts, colours, and details, but the basic form stayed the same. It’s a must for a chic look that can equally work for casual style and a more formal one.

transitional wardrobe pieces


2. Cloaks, Cardigans, and Scarves

What was once just a chic fashion piece that kept you warm during the chilly summer nights, in autumn becomes a mandatory piece you can wear at all times. Cloaks and cardigans that go on top make the perfect finishing fashion item to your autumn outfit.

For an effortless look, simply put on a poncho and style it with a belt. There are ways to incorporate this piece into your outfit in a DIY manner: just make sure you don’t look sloppy, as if you’ve simply thrown on a blanket.

You can also use light fabric scarves: they can become an eye-catching detail and plus – they’ll keep you warm.

3. Dresses

Have a favorite summer dress that makes you feel playful or attractive? No need to store it away: with the power of layering, you can wear it during the fall days, too.

There are several ways you can wear dresses in the cold weather so that you stay warm while achieving the desired look. Invest in good quality tights and a neutral colored cardigan (e.g. black, navy-blue, gray) that you can wear on top and easily combine with other items. Pick a floral dress, black tights, leather knee-length boots, a thin belt to enhance your waist, and a cloak or a cardigan on top. Finish up your look with a floppy hat and a shoulder bag and you’re done, transforming your summer dress into a fall one.

4. Leather Leggings

While in the summer, we used to wear leather leggings with crop tops or light shirts and blouses, the autumn demands mixing it up with warmer pieces. Pair them up with an oversized sweater and ankle boots. Add a leather jacket or a trench coat and a matching crossbody purse.

Make sure to invest in quality leggings so they aren’t see-through. If you’re self-conscious, you can wear a lengthy colorful tunic that covers up everything that needs to be covered up, or explore other styles.

5. Flannel Shirt

The high peak of popularity for flannel shirts is during summer and fall. In the summer, it was most frequently combined with denim high waist shorts, while in autumn – there is more freedom for experimentation. Take the classic red checkered one and pair it with dark denim jeans, a leather belt and a pair of leather cowboy boots, or try out different combinations to find the style that suits you.

The after-summer blues is a real thing. However, there is something about autumn that reminds of new beginnings, fashion included. Check the best transitional pieces and chase away the moodiness!

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