5 Alternative Presents for Her this Valentine’s Day

valentines day present

Your wife or girlfriend is definitely going to be content with some lovely  loose diamonds and bespoke engagement rings for Valentine’s Day this year. But if you’re going for the more generic gifts of chocolates and flowers, how about you opt to neglect the more commercial clichés this year and choose something a little more unpredictable, maybe even with an element of mystery, wonder and adventure? We’ve compiled some suggestions here to give you some alternative inspiration.

1. DIY does the trick

Hopefully you’ll have a little more luck with this than Chandler and Monica from Friends. Think about something which injects your personality into the gift, but be sure that it’s a personalised present that she won’t expect. No need to worry about a lavish present with this option, go for a unique offering that proves you’re a true romantic. How about a homemade list of love quotes, photos or literary passages that describe your relationship up to this point?

2. Get inspired by a different culture

All across the world, everyone celebrates Valentine’s Day a little differently – how about looking for some global inspiration? If your partner is relatively new and you wouldn’t necessarily want them to know that you’re the sender straightaway, in Denmark, men give women a “joking letter” called a gaekkebrev, which is a funny poem written on specially cut paper, signed with anonymous dots. You’ll have to follow through with an Easter egg if she guesses correctly, but hey, you’ll know that she’s a keeper.

3. An alternative bouquet

Forget the roses, she already knows that you love her. If your woman has a taste for flowers and plants, you have to go down the floral route regardless, but maybe try an alternative kind of bouquet, such as a bonsai or miniature tree which she put on her desk in her office so she can be reminded of you there. Or how about a candy bouquet, if she has a sweet tooth?

4. Bookworm?

If you and your partner share a love for literacy, or enjoy a little bit of drama to keep things interesting every now and then, how about spinning a classic literary great, like Romeo and Juliet or Pride and Prejudice and changing it so the names are your own? When you get to the end of these lover’s tragedies, you’ll be thankful that you’re both still alive and well.

5. Volunteer together to help others find love

How about be selfless and celebrate your love for each other by helping others to feel loved for the day? Head down to your local soup kitchen, or get in touch with local women’s shelters and come up with ideas together on how you can best show love to those who live and work there.

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