How using wedding planners can de-stress and prevent strain on your big day

How using wedding planners can de-stress and prevent strain on your big day.

The happiness that partners the whirlwind of getting engaged can soon diminish after the engagement party has passed and it’s time to get down to planning your big day. When you and your partner are both working the prospect of planning a wedding from start to finish, you can soon begin to feel like you have a second job taking over your free time. From figuring out a budget to agreeing on your perfect music playlist, the wedding planning process can soon result in stress building and your happy relationship descending into chaos.

What many couples overlook is the option of hiring a wedding planner to mediate these wedding planning disagreements be it with each other or with awkward in laws and bridesmaids. A common misconception is that wedding planners cost too much money. However, the reality is, this one off cost can actually save you money and could ultimately prevent your relationship from breaking down under the stress of planning your big day.

What is the one thing more important than cash when you are planning your wedding? – Time. By hiring a wedding planner you can essentially buy yourself time. Wedding coordinators can organise dress fittings, rehearsals, find the perfect wedding venue and organise all things wedding into a timeline that works for both you and your partner – all you have to do is turn up. You can relax and enjoy the experience of seeing your perfect big day come together and you never know, they may introduce amazing ideas that you would never have thought of yourself to make your day extra-special.

These people are professional, coordinating weddings is what they do so you can trust them to be your go-to guide throughout the process. It is worth pointing out that it is not the best idea to assign wedding planning duties to your family members or friends – they will want to enjoy your big day as guest and may not be able to get you all the answers you need exactly when you need them.

Planning such a big event with family and friends can add more tension to an already overwhelming situation as they may not have the same aspirations and visons as you. In the end it is important to remember that this is your day and you should be able to plan it exactly how you please. A wedding planner will listen to your ideas and advise on how to turn these into reality while considering your budget.

Understanding policies and event procedures for different environments are what these professionals are trained for, this gives them the edge to effectively communicate with vendors and additional professions that will be involved with your big day. As well as establishing effective communication channels, wedding planners tend to have existing connections with suppliers and relevant vendors, this may lead to having more scope to negotiate prices and deals that can help you stick to your wedding budget.

Moreover, using suppliers and vendors associated with your wedding planner can eliminate that sense of risk, in that they have been “tried and tested” and are recommended by the wedding planner and their previous clients. This can help reduce any apprehension you may have and allows you to tick another thing off your wedding to-do list.

So, in summary hiring a wedding planner could ultimately save your relationship not only with your fiancé but your in laws and bridesmaids to ensure your wedding really is the happiest day of your life.

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