How Much Do Weddings Actually Cost?


One may miss the good old days when weddings were easy, simple and cheap. They were romantic in a way;

  • the wedding was organized in somebody’s basement or in a church.
  • the reception was held at home.
  • food and drinks were simple.
  • and everyone had a great time no matter what.

Today, a great wedding requires great planning. Advanced planning. Good luck trying to book a beautiful venue or a band you like at last minute.

The same can be said for half decent catering, or photographers, or decorators, or… well, you get the point.

That is why an average couple spends over $800 on a wedding planner. And a further $800 on invitations alone.

An average venue sets the newlywed couple back by almost $12,000! Of course, these are country-wide averages. If we look at specific states, an average wedding in Idaho is just over $16,000, while that is just about a fifth of what the average wedding in Manhattan would cost! The country-wide average is an exact $27,698.

These costs may seem overwhelming to a couple looking to get married.

But it is all worth it at the (arguably) best day of your lives. Seeing all your friends and family show up. Together. In the same place, at the same time. To celebrate you and your loved one!

There is no feeling quite like it, and it is worth any price tag.

Take a look at the infographic below created by JJSuspenders. It details all the things that one needs to spend money on when organizing a wedding, and also lists how much they cost:


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