5 Mindsets That Can Sabotage Your Real Estate Career


A mindset is an attitude towards situations and people. Everyone handles or mishandles people and situations according to their mindsets and values. How to avoid the sabotage?

Avoid Mindset 1 – Not getting acquainted with the term

A mindset is a part of who you are, i.e., your personality. It comprises of your beliefs and thoughts about every situation in life. It is your filter by which you receive and give out information. Thus, it also controls how you react to information.

The right mindset is to have is a ‘growth mindset’. Build it by accepting and adapting to the changes that help you grow. Always aim to learn something new. This helps collect relevant information to develop your belief system. Of course, they should also be real and practicable.

The more harmonious with values and reality they are, the more positive the change they bring about. This helps you act upon your belief. If you believe you are a successful real estate agent; then act like one, think like one, function like one. Study someone you admire and imbibe their characteristics. Improvise on them to make them uniquely yours.

Avoid Mindset 2 – Not updating to the latest  

Learn about the latest and the best in real estate. Focus on learning the information only, not the attitudes. This means – engage your intellect but keep the emotions free. Use the internet, read newspapers and periodicals. Sign up for workshops, visit symposia and conferences. Another critical skill to hone is to select the best information from the myriad sources.

Read good books and blogs about the types of real estate, what are their innovative uses. How to pitch them in a creative and appealing manner? How to give the customer the best possible experience of owning it thus enticing them to buy it. Avoid information overload, experiment with what you have learned this prevents procrastination. Last but not the least, if the experiment fails don’t take it to heart? Learn from the mistakes – keep the growth mindset.

Avoid Mindset 3 – Not adopting a role model

There must be someone successful in real estate business you look up to – study them as case studies. Find a personal mentor.  Why mentors matter? If you are lucky enough to find a mentor who can guide you every step of the way, you will have an advantage over many others, says Ben, an estate agent at maltasothebysrealty.com. Because you now have a secret weapon that can take you to the top.

Understand the conditions they started in, the challenges they faced. The trials and tribulations that helped build them. Then do a comparative study with yours. You get to learn from their mistakes and successes. And because you have a growth mindset you innovate on their approaches developing your own style.

Avoid Mindset 4 – Not examining and updating your current beliefs

This sabotages your growth by limiting oneself.

A famous quote says – the ones who look outward dreams, while the person who looks inwards awakens. Another wise one says, “You need to gaze upwards, study inwards, reach outward and press forward.”

This breaks the self-limiting mindset clutching your subconscious mind. Uncover your beliefs and thoughts. Question them, question yourself for holding them, find their origins. Then if they are useful turn them into supportive affirmations or discard them. Declutter your mind.

Avoid Mindset 5 – Not building a proactive approach

When you look inwards you become aware of your vision and purpose of life. You get a goal to work towards. A vision of reinventing a better version of yourself. What you need to be aware of is a goal achieved is better when it has not hurt someone or taken away from their lives. Work towards a win – win situation for all. Next, break the vision into goals – that are tangible and achievable stepping stones. Always adapt and find your voice.

And to find your voice ask these questions,

– what are you good at? That’s your mind

– what do you love doing? That’s your heart

– what need can you serve? That’s the body

And finally,

  • why are you doing this?
  • what gives meaning and purpose to your life?
  • what does your gut tell you – what should you be doing? That’s your spirit.

This is 100% you, PURE YOU. The essence of you. This will give you that unique approach that makes you successful.

Finally, not protecting this mindset to stay open, minus judgement and rigidity are the biggest sabotage. Life is dynamic thus fluid and flexible are the way to be. This not only helps you deal with the naysayers but also lends you an integrity. Avoid sabotaging your success and work towards a growth mindset and a fulfilled life.

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