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There is nothing more fulfilling than a piece of clothing from your favourite designer.

Its fabric, cut, and style collide together to create a masterpiece of design and innovation, one that oozes sensuality and desire.

It makes you feel empowered and beautiful and having it feels as important as paying your rent.

It’s not so much a desire as it is an imperative need for us to have it – even if it means we have to sell a few organs (you only need one kidney, right?).

We buy it, borrow it and lust after it, longing for its opulence and beauty to somehow impart these same qualities on to us. Designers have created such specific worlds for their brands – each one a different rabbit hole that leads us to various wonderlands. Ones that we can slip into vicariously, assigning ourselves roles and costumes which allow us to become someone else – where we can be our most ‘in-our-dreams’ version of ourselves – even if it is temporary.

There is an elaborate driver in the front seat of our brains that demands a make-believe wardrobe – one that makes us feel like the most glamorous, powerful, over the moon, ‘extra’ version of ourselves. Our inner child who delights in glitter, sequins and nostalgia. And really that’s what fashion is; It is a chance to break out of the mundane, an opportunity to express your deepest creative desires and a way for us to communicate to the world just how fabulous we feel on the inside.

But designers have taken their creations a step further, creating such fully formed points of views through their clothing that we can’t help but seek more of the worlds in which we try so desperately to insert ourselves in.

So, you can imagine how our hearts came to an-almost-standstill as some of our favourite designers (Fendi, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton and Versace) all transcended their wardrobe worlds into one’s fit for our homes.

Yip. You heard right.

Homeware from some of the most poetically pleasing aesthetics our world has ever seen – take all my money. Take it now.

However, fashion connoisseurs moving into multiple design markets is not a new phenomenon. Designers have been dabbling in the interior design department for a few early centuries. In recent years we have seen countless collaborations between renowned fashion designers and well-establish homeware brands. However, the two worlds have never more closely aligned than now.

Bringing the high-end worlds of fashion and interior design together (YAAS). Finally, we can immerse ourselves in a world filled with the ethereal beauty of our favourite designers, as they expand beyond the realm of clothes. This only does wonders for their brand and undoubtedly adds a few extra zeros into their already exuberant bank accounts.

But it’s what it does for us, the consumer, that is even more exciting. Although it will only be subtracting numbers from our bank accounts, it also guarantees that your purchase will last longer than that of the designer garment we purchased a while ago.

By nature, our homes are a natural extension of ourselves, our sense of self and our ability to express ourselves creatively, so it makes sense that the two could naturally become intertwined. We can put together a room the same way we put together an outfit. But just like it can feel almost impossible to plan our outfits in the mornings, knowing where to start on our home’s interior and how to begin the redesign can be daunting especially because our home is a place of solitude, our place of self.

The truth is, fashion isn’t affordable, so it forces you to be smart and to think out the box. We have to apply this savvy fashionista to our home interior. This sound a little more complicated than it actually is. To help us make the best home decor choices, here is a short little insight into the different brand’s homeware collection and what they hope to bring to our homes.


Image Sourced: Fendi Casa

Fendi is one of the first brands to dabble in homeware back in 1989. Its collection of homeware, just like its clothes, is a harmonious balance between design and function. It utilises premium leathers and quality fabrics that epitomise comfort, quality and innovation. Infused with a sense of timeless tranquility and sophistication Fendi’s home collection boasts an extensive catalogue of items for the various areas in our homes: living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom as well as outdoor furniture and accessories. Fendi focuses more on eye-catching centerpieces that make up a room. With all pieces contributing to the Fendi lifestyle of elegance and grace, it is the ultimate collection of modern minimalism without the sacrifice of livability and comfort.


Image Sourced: Vogue

Gucci is a little late to the homeware trend with the launch of its first collection in stores and online this past September 2017. However, saving the best for last is precisely how we feel about this eclectic collection of dreamy homeware items. Inspired by previous collections produced by Gucci, this selection of homeware items are slightly different from the home collections we have seen in the past from other famous designers. Creating homeware items that are easily moveable, allowing us to redress our environments to suit every mood we feel. Each piece boasts the signature bright and bold colours and iconic patterns to Gucci as well as the animal and floral motifs which can be seen through its catalogue of teapots, wallpaper, cushions, crockery and simple furniture as well as smaller items like candles and incense.The collection epitomises imagination and bohemian romanticism. It’s a feast for the eyes, and we can’t help but yearn to be in our own world of Gucci utopia.

Dolce & Gabbana

Image Sourced: Vogue

Homeware doesn’t just stop at the living room and bedroom. Thanks to Dolce & Gabbana we can now have the kitchen fit for Italian royalty. D&G, in collaboration with appliance giant Smeg, is making all our kitchen dreams come true. Kitchen appliances never looked so sweet. A catalogue of devices such as mixers, coffee makers, fridges, blenders and toasters which are all adorned with arrestingly beautiful citrus motifs and iconic images of Italy’s Sicily is now available for our own homes. Speckled with familiar prints and sun-soaked colours these hand-painted appliances will have us all mesmerised as if our kitchen suddenly no longer existed and instead was replaced with an art gallery. There is no point in having appliances that don’t work or don’t look as good, is there? Will we ever look at a fridge the same way again? There is no better time to revamp your kitchen than now, so excuse us while we mortgage our house real quick.

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