How does fear hold you back from becoming who you are?


It takes courage to get what we want in our life. Just as we all have our influencers-  the things or people that urge us to work harder and improve us at what we do, we also have things that demoralize us and shield us from accomplishing what we want. These de-sparks are camouflaged as fears. Fears are that barriers in our lives that stop us from achieving our goals, realizing our potential, or living a happier life. ‘Fear’ is the prime reason that holds us back from becoming who we are. In this blog, we will discuss how does fear stops us from becoming who we are and how we can overcome it.

#1. Fear of failure

Some people start imagining that they are going to fail in a particular task before even starting with it. The phase of excitement, enthusiasm, shifts into despair and discouragement leaving them discouraged. Instead of finishing a task successfully, people who have a fear of failure tend to abandon their mission before even trying for it. This way we fail in exploring our potentials.

How to overcome it

  • Take risks
  • Believe in one thing – if you don’t take risk, you are anyway going to lose it

#2. The Negative YOU

Sometimes we get a negatives vibes from within. ‘You cannot do it; you don’t know anything, you will never achieve anything in your life’ are the voices that come from the inner you. When you step out of your comfort zone, these voices will become louder. You just need to learn the power of avoiding these negative voices and move ahead anyway.

How to overcome – The moment you realize that the negative vibes are pushing you, put a lot of positive thoughts. Just force yourself to think positive until it becomes your habit.

#3. Fear of taking up new challenges – Resistance to change

We often fear that a new task will bring out challenges that we may not know about. We are not ready to learn from the challenges that will come with them. We are not ready to learn from the new mistakes. We fear that taking up a new challenge will the most difficult one to achieve and hence we do not move ahead with it or avoid it at first instance itself. Due to this, you will never learn new things. To overcome this, we need to know our challenges and develop ways or strategies to deal with them. This way you never realize what heights you can reach and what milestones you can achieve and become a better you.

Try this – Do something today that you fear a lot.

#4. Fear of doing it all yourself

Many times, you are not ready to take up the responsibility of completing the task by yourself. You fear that you may make mistakes, or not submit it on time. So, you don’t take up the task at all.

Tell this to yourself – You are a loser anyway if you don’t take responsibilities.

#5. Fear of not being noticed

You fear that when you are in public, or at any social gatherings, you will not be noticed for reasons like personality, communication, looks, etc. and you refrain yourself from attending any social events.

Tip – Remember the tagline of Nike – Just do it – Just go there and enjoy the party and food. Let others take the pain of being noticed or not noticed.

#6.Not coming out of your comfort zone

Remember the time when your friends asked you to go on that unplanned trip? You wanted to go but chose not to, thinking that you would not be comfortable. A crucial thing that holds us back from becoming what we want is our comfort zone. The invisible barrier that stops us from doing anything worth risk taking or worth living for.

If you as an individual will fear achievement or success, you may underestimate your value for progress. You will not have any desire to exceed expectations since you would prefer not to emerge from the group and along these lines be seen by others. You fear being judged contrarily or baffling others on the off chance that you don’t meet the higher potential you set up for yourself. This may prompt negative self-talk and the impediment of potential activity.

Tip – Make yourself ready to face embarrassment. Go out of comfort zone frequently and let others say what they want to.

Don’t let your fear hold you back from becoming who you are, rather break those imaginary limits you’ve set in your mind and just step out of your comfort zone because the only thing that’s holding you back from where you want to be right now is you.

Note that everything starts with “you”. So, you need to proactively work on your mindset to become a positive and courageous person.

Anthony Bergs is a project manager at Writers Per Hour. He always keeps an eye on the marketingsector to implement the best innovations in the strategies that he builds. He’s always open for new connections and partnerships.

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