Five ways false eyelashes could save your Christmas party outfit


With Christmas parties just around the corner, getting that outfit sorted is top priority.

But there are few things more annoying than having trudged round the shops for hours to find

your dream dress, only to see your colleague wearing it too.

There is, however, one sure-fire way you can ensure you’re a step ahead – by making sure your

eyelashes are on top form. Here’s how…

Understand your eye shape

No two sets of falsies are the same. Believe it or not, it helps to know what type of eye shape

you have before you buy some.

Different styles can enhance your eyes or even change their shape completely – but choose the

wrong ones and you could look more gappy than happy.

Get a mirror and take a quick look at your eyes. Can you see the iris (coloured part) or is part of

your eyelid covering it? Are your eyes close together or do they slant upwards? Knowing the

answers to these questions will quickly enable you to pick out the best eyelashes to suit your


Opt for a fuller flutter

For full-on Hollywood glamour, it’s got to be thick, luscious lashes. We’re talking full volume.

Think Katy Perry or Beyonce.

To achieve this sort of style, perfect for the festive season, opt for bold and dramatic. The best

looking lashes for the ultimate are those with thick roots and varied in length,

offering a very sexy finish.

Go longer for fantastic festive impact

If you can’t to get to grips with the slick eyeliner look, some lashes with an invisible band are

your best friend. This ensures the lashes can blend seamlessly with your natural lashes, while

the spaced-out clusters of dense lashes provide a realistic, textured effect.

With lightweight and feathery length, Unicorn Lashes in style Nixie Crystal feature increased

length in the centre for that wide-eyed look.

Get tack-tical with glue


There’s nothing worse than fake eyelashes hanging on for their dear lives half way through a

night out so to avoid the sinister sin, invest in some quality glue and follow these tips.

Always leave the glue on the lashes for around 30 seconds before applying them to your lash

line. This gives the adhesive enough time to get tacky, which means it will stick to the lash line

much better.

The inner and outer corner of false lashes are the worst places for lashes to start to peel off, so

to get them to stick down and stay down, add a little more glue to these spots – better still, use a

delicate brush to put a little on your lash line as well as the falsies.


Follow these tips and you won’t go wrong. You can find more about the  art of applying false eyelashes here.

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