Five fun dating ideas to bring out the kid in you

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Most of us think that growing up takes away fun from our lives. If you are in a relationship, you should feel lucky to have a partner with whom you can enjoy your life without any judgements. So, to help you select the best fun date, here we have listed five fun date ideas to be the kid again with your lover:

Spring round a trampoline park

Trampolines are always associated with kids and fun. As kids we wouldn’t hesitate to go bounding off to the nearest bouncer but as adults, we’d certainly hesitate and wonder about what people would think. But when you are with your lover, do not think what others will think and say – just be that kid again and enter a trampoline park to re-live your childhood.

 Visit an amusement park

Going to an amusement park is a lot of fun and a great way to reminisce on the excitement of yesteryear. A date spent in an amusement park will be the best fun date to go on and is one of the perfect date ideas for couples you should try.

Take a trip to a museum

Museums are often considered boring, but it can be fun if you are going with your lover. We all have gone to many museums in our childhood on school trips or with our parents. But why not share each other’s memories of their past trips. Maybe someone got stuck under a dinosaur skeleton as a schoolkid!

Go trekking

As kids there were fewer computer games and people used t spend days on out playing outside on bikes, skateboards or just larking around. So why not enjoy a taste of the outdoors with your partner? It’s good for your health and makes you spend a lot of time together, but it will make you more rested for the day ahead too – not to mention the bonus exercise!

Eat street food in the car

Re-live that carefree life, go for a night out and have food from takeaways or street vendors. Listen to those old 90’s songs in the car. Dance and sing like nobody else is watching. Doing so will give you a great sense of relief and relaxation.

So, these were the five fun date ideas to be the kid again with your lover. Re-living the childhood life with your lover is all about doing stuff you have done in childhood and having fun in the most innocent and simplest ways that life start to seem beautiful than ever.

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