10 things you need to avoid when building a new home

Building a dream home is on the wish list of many Brits. But, this process is not as easy as it seems. There are lots of complex challenges to face throughout. When you plan to create your dream home, you may spend hours looking at magazines and stealing inspiration from the professionals. But have you ever thought about the things you should avoid while building your home? 

Poor planning and failure to consider certain aspects beforehand can unfortunately taint your dream home with unexpected shades of disappointment.

When you plan to build your dream home, you must research and consider every aspect that is important for your home building process. Think about the future. Will you have expanded family to host? Will you plan overnight parties in your garden? Will your children need a play area? 

In addition, you need to consider costs trained Architects, Engineers, Masons, Equipment and even Dump Trucks.

Let’s have a look at 10 things you need to avoid nightmares while building your dream home.  

1. Lack of Proper Space Planning

Personalised planning of the space is a very crucial aspect that should not be neglected. It is important to know your space requirement beforehand because poor space planning can affect both architectural and interior design.Give extra attention to storage space in your home. Do not let walk-in-closets take extra space in the master bedroom when it can be divided equally across all bedrooms. Consider sources of natural light, comfort, functionality and know how the space equally ties into all areas of your home. Once you set your priorities as per your space adjustments, your home designer can easily create a unique home that features functional space.

2. Think of the Future

When planning your dream home, it is important to plan everything according to your lifestyle needs. Design your home as per your future perspective. Think about the safety features for your kids and future generations as well. Also think about your retiring age, when you need proper space to spend joyful moments that you can cherish.

3. Poor Planning of HVAC system

HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning) equipment take care of heating or cooling systems for buildings. So, if this system is poorly planned from the beginning of home construction, then it can cause issues with terrible moisture and lead to bad mold growth. This system allows fresh outdoor air to come into the home.  If your home units are too small, it will remain warm during summer and won’t cool easily. The HVAC system should be one that provides indoor comfort for a lifetime.

4. Congested Placement of Rooms

Whether it’s the bedrooms, living lounge or kitchen, every room should be equidistant from noise as well as traffic. If you are planning to build your master dream then make sure it is not near your garage or the front-facing road side. It can cause disturbing noise all the time whenever you or your family members try to sleep or watch TV in the lounge. 

5. Wrong Kitchen Placement

The kitchen in your home should not centrally located. It should be near to the main entry, dining or living room as it carries the most traffic through the home.  Try to place the kitchen just next or near to main entry and exit point of your home.

6. Avoid Unused Rooms

While planning your dream home, we all dream of a multipurpose activity room or playroom but we should plan rooms in a way that will actually get used in the future. We create a gym in our home, but the treadmill and gym equipment can quite easily become convenient clothes rails. So, when you plan an extra room in your home, make sure that room should be properly utilised.

7. Unplanned Lighting

There should be ample lighting fixtures and space for natural light while planning your dream home. And when it comes to windows, you can’t be too careful. Windows are a must requirement for every room. They should also be properly installed and as large as possible to let natural light shine in. 

8. Unauthorised Construction Materials and Equipment

While planning your dream home, we want to spend every penny we scrimped and saved well. But, you should realise the reality of everything about home construction. If you have a tight budget, you need to keep a check on everything like Quality and Reasonable Expenses of Construction material, Masonry Tools, Dump Truck Bodies and so on. These expenses areextremely important. Keeping a track of these expenses while not compromising with quality you can save additional costs and spend it somewhere else in your home.

9. Skip the Proper Inspection of your Home

You might be in a hurry and want your home to be complete as soon as possible. But, in your eagerness, you might neglect a proper home inspection. So, avoid this big mistake! In fact, try to take third party inspection to have a fair idea to check if there is any issue left in your home construction. This allows you to identify and solve those issues before wrapping up your home construction.

10. Keep your Options Open

You are building your dream home, then, only you and your family members understand your lifestyle requirements. If you are consulting with any construction professional, they can only give suggestions but it depends only you that what you need in your home what not! So, keep all your sights open and have best understanding of everything when building and planning the overall design of your home.

We hope these tips will give you a fair idea on how to swerve such mistakes that may cause complex issues while building your new home. 

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