How to Launch Your Freelance Writing Career


Freelance writing is one of the fastest growing careers in the world today. With growing internet uptake
and businesses embracing ecommerce, there will still be need for compelling content. You may find someone simply is asking  for help to “write my paper“. However, getting clients and beginning a career is not that easy. Here is a guide that will make a difference between success and failure.

Get the Right Tools

There are tools required for you to excel in writing. They include knowledge of what writing is about,
internet and a laptop. You might need to learn more about writing styles, grammar, sentence construction and requirements for different industries, among other aspects.

There are tools useful in typing, editing, formatting and making presentations.You will realise that each niche has its unique combination of tools. Choose what is appropriate for you to turn you into a competitive writer. There are tools for a paper writer, blogger, SEO specialist and such other categories.

Identify a Niche

There are different writing areas that freelancers can focus on. They include web content, providing essay help, blog writing, product description and press releases, among many others. You have to choose one area and specialise on it.

The importance of choosing a niche is to help you gather necessary tools and prepare for the tasks ahead. For instance, if you are writing assignments for students, you will need homework help tools, editing software, citation apps and such other tools. Without them, the quality of your work is compromised.

Prolific writers are specialists in particular fields. This specialisation helps them to pay attention to writing rules and therefore enhance their quality of work. You will capture the attention of clients because of your
understanding of the niche.

Find a Mentor

The time it takes to make money from freelance writing will depend on how well you understand the
industry. Do not attempt to reinvent the wheel by making mistakes that others before you have made.

A mentor will guide you on the best writing websites for freelancers, how to writing winning bids, how to
avoid being conned online and tools to simplify the life of a freelancer, among other issues. It takes less
time to establish yourself in the industry.

Create an Online Profile

Businesses used addresses in the past as a show of credibility and to attract customers. Today, clients
are sourced remotely. Establish a captivating online profile for a freelancer to capture the attention of
students looking for the best thesis writing service online.

The profile should capture your area of training, level of training, contact details and charges. You should
request your clients to provide reviews because they act as recommendations. A social media profile will
also ease communication.

Look For Clients

Expose your skills in areas where clients can find you. A profile is not enough to win clients. Go to social
media, register on bidding websites and ask for recommendations from existing clients.

Exposure should be cautious and professional. You must provide accurate and relevant information to
potential clients. Look professional and clients will regard your services as professional. In case you use
pictures on your profile, they must also appear as professional as possible.

Constantly Polish Your Skills

The best freelancers are those who understand the market and constant review their skills. There are
emerging skills and expectations from the internet and clients. You must remain informed about these
requirements in order to be valuable to your clients.

Accept to learn and share information with fellow freelancers. Join social media and blog forums where
other freelancers gather. Share your experiences and learn from other freelancers. Use the internet to
learn and be updated. Without the latest skills, no one will hire you, even with the lowest rates in the

Exercise Cautious Patience

The internet or freelancing is not where you find free money. You must ditch the mentality of quick riches
just by adapting the tag of a freelancer. It is hard work that will turn you into a successful freelancer. This
calls for patience.

While patience is important for freelancers, it must be the cautious kind of patience. It is not the time you
have spent as a freelancer that will make you successful. Success comes from your efforts and
willingness to learn. Some will spend decades and not make anything out of it while others find success
in days.

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