Six celebrities who failed their driving test

Even the best fall down, sometimes. Although celebs sing, dance, and act with the utmost talent and skill, they might not be able to parallel park with the same grace. Whether you need a self-confidence boost or some assurance that you’re not alone, the following list of celebrities who failed their driving tests should help:

Jaden Smith

After failing his driving test, Jaden Smith went live on Instagram and threatened to leave Los Angeles. He described his time at the DMV,  as “show[ing] you how sad society and life is sometimes,” which is arguably true. (When was the last time you were at the DMV for less than two hours?) Despite his disappointment in his results, Jaden ended his stream on a positive note, encouraging the youth to follow their dreams. Hopefully, he takes his own advice and retakes his test!

Emma Roberts

Turns out, the rules of the road apply to mermaids, too. Never forget to stop before taking a right at a red light. Also, read the room, and don’t try to joke with your driving proctor. Otherwise, you might just end up failing your driving test for the second time like Emma Roberts. Luckily, Emma laughed about the experience and eventually ended up passing.

Meghan Trainor

The DMV taught Meghan the power of resilience. On her Instagram, she celebrates passing her written test after failing the first one. Multiple choice tests aren’t for everyone, but it really is “All About That [Practice],” after all!

Mariah Carey

Hopefully, a driver’s license isn’t all Mariah Carey wanted for Christmas. Mariah allegedly failed her test a total of three times, but perhaps her dedication makes up for what she lacks in driving skills. Luckily, Mariah probably has a limo waiting for her at any given time.

Justin Bieber

Justin, like Jaden Smith, was not too pleased about failing his test. In his book, First Step 2 Forever: My Story, Justin states that he refused to get into his mother’s car afterwards, instead “bawling like a 10-year-old.” He also admits to yelling “I hate you” at various people driving by him. Although Bieber seemed like a mere mortal like the rest of us for a moment, Usher gave him a Range Rover after he ended up passing his test the second time. The Usher-giving-him-a-Range-Rover part perhaps makes the story less relatable.

Kendall Jenner

Kendall failed her driving test live on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” She claims she is still completely embarrassed by the episode, as she sobbed post-test (a common theme among celebs, apparently). Like Bieber, Kendall also received a new Range Rover as a gift. She refused to go to school after failing her test. Kendall may have passed her test the second time, but she still refuses to watch the episode.

Austin Mahone

Austin must not have used his “11:11” wish wisely, considering he also failed his drivers test. Before heading into the test, he tweeted an update to his followers, asking them to wish him luck. A mere 30 minutes later, he followed up with “I failed,” and he stated that his instructor had asked him to stop singing in the car. Take notes: if Austin can’t get away with singing in the car during his driving test, you probably can’t either.

If your driving test is coming up soon, try taking a free DMV practice test beforehand so you know what to expect. Also, be sure to practice with an experienced driver for the driving portion. Remember to shoot for the moon (a passing grade), but even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.

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