Bringing calm to your home

Your home

Home is where the heart is. Your home is also somewhere that you should want to spend time relaxing and unwinding after a day in the office, or a busy day of family errands and chores.

More people now work from home too, so it isn’t surprising that homes are now more multifunctional than ever. 


Every room in your home is usually designated for a specific function. Over time though, those functions begin to overlap. Leaving laptops in the kitchen, school bags in the living room and a kitchen drawer filled with nick-nacks

Grab a box (or multiple boxes) and start a patrol. Walk around your chosen room and put everything that isn’t in the right place in the box. If you have children, you are probably going to find quite the range of things that have made their way downstairs over time.

 Have everyone take their items out of the box and take them to their room. A quick way to declutter and everyone can take responsibility for their stuff. 

Clutter can make a room feel messy when it isn’t. So taking care of that first can make a big impact. 



The lighter the room, the more likely it is to feel calm. The sunshine beaming through on a Sunday morning can be quite lovely. But not everyone has big windows to let that much light in.

If your window looks out into your garden, think about replacing them with some longlasting, maximum light letting aluminium bifold doors. That way you get even more light, and a lovely breeze too. 


You need to have one room in the house that you can really relax in, for most that are the living room. If you don’t already have plenty of blankets and cushions on your sofa, it might be time to get a box and fill it with plump, soft cushions. If you don’t like the idea of blankets being strewn all over the couch, then ensure you get a storage box that you can pack them away into when they aren’t in use. 


Smell is one of our greatest senses. It can bring you back to specific moments in your childhood. And they are so crystal clear. So it makes sense to have a smell that you adore in the room that you want to relax in. Many people save special candles because they smell so great. But that means you just don’t get to enjoy the divine smell that you love so much. Reed diffusers and oil burners are a great way to have a smell gently waft around an entire room. 

There are a few scents that are outstanding for giving a calming atmosphere. Lavender is popular, but not everyone enjoys it. Peppermint is great for refreshing a space and uplifting moods, lemon can help with concentration and ease anxiety. For those who prefer floral scents, jasmine is ideal at increasing your calm

Creating more calm in our homes often takes a little bit of effort in the early moments so that we can enjoy the later ones. 


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