Raising a family on your own: 5 US charities that support single parents


Parenting is rewarding. However, it can be more challenging than rewarding when you have to raise a family single-handedly. Single parents might struggle financially due to a drop in household income. They might also be emotionally drained and overwhelmed by parenting duties.

Non-profit organisations offer support in many aspects, including donating food, providing financial assistance, offering emotional support, and much more. These are some of the charities that support single parents:

1. Bridge of Hope

A crisis can hit any of us. People going through tough times can get help from various organisations, such as at The Lifesavers Foundation

However, there are other charities like Bridge of Hope, that are devoted to single-parent families.
Bridge of Hope is a non-profit organisation that works hand in hand with churches and Christian organisations to offer support and mentorship to single parents and their kids who have no roof over their heads.

The organisation helps the families to get a place to stay. They also offer much-needed emotional support and financial mentoring. The program lasts anywhere between 18 and 24 months, which is sufficient time for the families to put their lives back together and make long-term changes.

2. Parents without Partners

The society is sometimes quick to judge single parents instead of showing them support. Family and friends might not make it any easier, making single parents suffer self-doubt and low confidence. But all is not lost.

Parents Without Partners is a mutual-support organisation that gives single parents and their kids a chance to meet others in a similar situation. Through sharing their stories, single parents cultivate feelings of acceptance and belonging, helping them shift from feelings of isolation and insecurity.

The organisation presents an opportunity to single parents and their kids toenhance personal growth, regain self-confidence, and develop sensitivity towards others. They get a chance to make new friends and learn parenting techniques.

3. The Singletons

Cancer has caused pain and financial struggles for thousands of families across the United States. To ease the burden, the Singletons, a non-profit organization, offers financial support to single-parent families where either the parent or child has been diagnosed with cancer.

It also provides the families with household necessities such as laundry detergents and a monthly stipend to cover utility bills and food expenses. They also have an emotional support group and kids programs to help client families create new and lasting memories.

4. Warren Dunn Charities

Warren Dunn Charities aims at lessening the burden of single parents with new homes. The charity helps them by covering a fraction of their down payment, getting furniture, and stocking the home with food.

They also go the extra mile and workshops about financial education and healthy eating. In addition, the organization awards need-based collegescholarships.

5. Single Mothers Outreach

As the name suggests, the charity helps single mothers. It offers a variety of free services, such as legal representation, food, housing, and education. It supports single mothers to  become self-reliant by offering computer courses as well as English and Spanish language classes.

The Bottom Line

These organisations are devoted to helping you and your family. Feel free to seek help. You might also want to support single parents. These places are great places to make donations. However, before making any donation, it would be best to confirm the legitimacy, financial fitness, and the tax- exempt status of the organisation.

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