Easy hairstyles every girl should know


With rising social influence, women are always in search of new trends. Whether it’s wearing blue mascara, colouring hair red, or tying a funky ponytail – women are up for all bold and dramatic looks. While editors and stylists have an eye on the runway to explore beauty trends, celebrities are flaunting stunning hairstyles. Haven’t you seen Victoria Beckham creating boho waves with a short bob?

As short hair length trends are making a comeback, women continue to obsess over the late 80s sharp center partings. After all, Kate Middleton’s middle-partitioned hair with blown-out layers is everyone’s favorite. Thus, whether you want a blonde New Yorker look or a Parisian hairstyle– you can play with different hair trends. In addition to enhancing your personality, a correct hairstyle can set your outfit’s tone, letting you create impeccable style statements.

If you always pack your hair in a bun or ponytail, it is time to try chic looks and hairstyles, or are you looking for some inspiration? Here are six easy hairstyles every girl should know to grace every look and outfit.

1.    Crown braid

No matter how beautiful hairs swinging in the wind look, keeping hair open on every occasion is no easy feat. Alongside the heat and sweat, hairs can lose moisture due to excessive sun exposure. So, why not opt for something summer-friendly such as the crown braids? It is the perfect fit for weddings, formal dinners, and even cocktail parties. All you have to do is tie-up a bun while leaving the front hair open. After this, use a tail comb to grab hair strands and start making a braid as you go upward around the head. Continue at a circular angular to ensure it covers your head, and tug the braid to loosen.

2.    Box braids

Unsurprisingly, box braids have been a famous hairstyle among women for three decades. And according to all things hair research on the most popular hairstyles in the US, box braids are now amongst the three top-rated hairstyles. As a result, women are looking for synthetic braided extensions to achieve the box-braided look. Instead of extensions, consider making this hairstyle on your real hair. Divide hairs into square-shaped sections and start braiding every strand. Sounds simple, no? If you have voluminous hair, seek help from a friend to braid the hair quickly.

3.    Sleek & textured ponytail

Believe it or not, but a ponytail comes to the rescue on every bad hair day. You already know how to tie a ponytail, but you might be interested in some stylish tricks and tips. If you are a Rihanna fan, grab a scrunchie and tie up a high ponytail. Otherwise, use some textures to make the ponytail look different. You can make a side plait from the corner of your head and end it into a low pony. Also, ensure to tease the top of your pony to highlight the texture and hide your band.

4.    Bohemian side braid

At one glance, a bohemian braid seems like the most complicated looking hairstyle, but it is an easy one. You have to begin tying a French braid from the front and continue it until the end. Secure the braid with a band and wrap the rest of the hairs into a fishtail. It gives a messy finished look, preferable for casual occasions. If you want to add some old-school femininity vibes, tie a ribbon around your braid and make some cool fashion statements.

5.    Messy french twist

Although pulling back hair into a bun is the most convenient option, you can achieve a more delicate look with a messy French twist. You can carry this hairstyle to parties, work, formal gatherings, or at a casual lunch. Firstly, add some texture to your hair and use bobby pins vertically on the back of your head. Gather the rest of your hair together, tie a low ponytail, and roll your hair towards the bobby pin. Lastly, start twisting them into the base, and you are good to go!

6.    Top & mini knot

Didn’t you wash your hair today? Pull a small section of hair into a half pony with a band. You can twist the pony and wrap it around the band to give a loose bun shape. The volume of the hair section is up to you. Some people prefer tying a small knot, while others want to wrap as much hair as possible. It gives a casual yet classy look, elevating the look of your outfits. In case you have a large forehead, loosen up the knot slowly to add some volume. Also, don’t forget to top it off with the hairspray, as it is essential for keeping the hairstyle intact.

Wrapping up

Most women dress to impress, but if your hairstyle doesn’t match the clothes, it can ruin the entire look. After all, one can’t tie a bun to a cocktail party. Therefore, learn the art of making different hairstyles and feel free to experiment with your hair. In addition to making you feel more confident, you can rock every outfit and look flawlessly

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