How to Create the Perfect Minimalist Home.


Our everyday lives are constantly filled with chaos and clutter- from socialising, to work, or to family commitments. Societally, we are told that our homes should be an environment which creates a calm atmosphere for homeowners, but often, our homes end up overwhelming us. The buildup of clutter in your home can be suffocating- despite believing that the items we own are treasured memories that have valuable and sentimental meaning. However, our interiors greatly dictate how we live, how our moods and how our mental and physical health function.

The rise of cleaning and minimalism are rising trends, and thanks to social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest, we can sit and marvel over decluttered and organised homes for hours. Pages that are dedicated to domestic bliss aim to inspire us to clear the clutter and embrace a simple and minimalist home. Having a home that is described as “a decluttered and minimalist yet functional property” is now the ideal type of home, where unnecessary clutter is no-more. The assumption that minimalist, decluttered homes are void of personality is simply untrue and can in fact create a calming and liberating atmosphere to your property. If you’re thinking of starting a journey to your perfect minimalist and decluttered home, We Buy Any House have created the perfect persuasive guide to hopefully confirm your interest in having a decluttered and minimalist property.

Reasons to Declutter & Invest in a Minimalist Home:

1- Visual Appeal:

If we’re being honest- an overly cluttered property is not to the appeal of most people. Clutter distracts homeowners and visitors from truly appreciating their property, as most of the area is obstructed by objects. By decluttering and creating a minimalist-style property, your home can display your beautiful furniture, artwork, and prized possessions. In addition to this, if you are thinking of putting your property on the market, it enables potential buyers to gain a better idea of the space they may be living in in the future.

2- Financial Freedom:

Minimalism is a great way to stack up some savings or earn money quickly. Instead of spending your paycheck on unnecessary items, the notion of having a decluttered and minimalistic home enables you to invest in alternatives that will contribute to memories- or objects that will last a lifetime. If you are approaching the idea of a minimalistic home, perhaps think about earning some extra money by selling the items you don’t need anymore- one man’s trash is another man’s gold!

3- Less Stress:

Clutter is a distraction for both your physical and mental health. Often, clutter can cause anxiety, as our minds feel overwhelmed when looking at so many things- especially if we fail to find a successful way to organise the mess. From this, our physical health takes a toll. Increased levels of stress and anxiety impact your physical health- causing digestive problems. Furthermore, pathogens and bacteria which harbor in clutter can be destructive for your physical health as they create allergens. If you want a clear mind and body- perhaps decluttering and adopting a minimalist property is the route for you.

How to Achieve a Minimalist Home:

1- Minimal Furniture:

The key to a minimalist home is to ensure your property only contains a few essential pieces of furniture. For example, in the lounge area you may have a couch, a TV, a minimalist coffee table, and a small lamp resting on a stand. In a bedroom, just having a bed (or even just a mattress), a dresser and a nightstand is enough furniture to create the perfect minimalist bedroom. Minimalism follows the mantra of ‘less is more’- and works with the intention that a space in the home is kept in their simple state. A word of warning though- although you are putting less furniture into the property, it will take just as much work. Creating the perfect minimalist home is trial and error- as you’re aiming to make the room look furnished using just the right amount of furniture.

2- Clear Everywhere:

A minimalist home doesn’t just concern the amount of furniture in the property, it also includes the surface areas in the property. Clear work tops, bare walls and lack of clutter all contribute to a minimalist style home- minus the odd decoration. Investing in hidden storage is a great way to keep miscellaneous objects in the home, but hidden from sight so that your minimalist, decluttered style property is not ruined.

3- Quality Over Quantity:

If you’re intending to have a property that stays true to a minimalist style, then remember that it is quality over quantity. The lack of furniture and objects in your house automatically draws the eye to the quality of the small number of furniture that exists- so cutting corners will make your house look unfurnished rather than minimal. Buying quality pieces of furniture will bring your minimalist property to life and enhance the pared-back aesthetic.

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