6 Innocent Habits That Rob You of Quality Sleep

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Quality sleep is vital to function at your best the next day. But, sometimes you struggle to fall asleep, and you wake up at night seeming a struggle in achieving quality sleep. It can be some habits you follow daily. Unless you know what they are, you will struggle to achieve restful sleep. If you already have a comfortable room, the best hybrid mattress, cozy beddings. All you have to look into now is your lifestyle habits. Below are some innocent habits that will completely ruin your chances of getting quality sleep. 

  1. You enjoy being productive at night 

It is best to finish up with stressful activities early instead of doing them until bedtime. It causes your mind to stay alert as you try to sleep. If it is necessary to do some late night work, take some time to unwind before you get into bed. Therefore, avoid rehashing the events of the day and doing bills before bedtime. Opt to have a soothing ritual instead. For instance, you can decide to meditate, take a hot shower, listen to relaxing music, or do what works for you. Just make sure it is relaxing. 

  • Checking social media before bed 

The circadian rhythm in your body that controls when you sleep and wake up naturally lasts for 24 hours. Your brain through light signals helps to know when you should be awake. Light helps to cue the brain to believe its day time, while low light or none of it helps the body produce sleep-inducing melatonin. Unfortunately, your brain does not know the difference between the light from your phone, lamps, TV, and sunlight. Hence why getting on social while in bed does not help you sleep. Thus, turn all electronics off-hours to bed to help your body prepare for sleep. 

  • You work out close to bedtime 

If you time physical activity right, it will help you sleep better at night. Exercises are known to promote deep sleep, but doing it before bedtime will only keep you awake and alert. The reason it is counterproductive is that vigorous exercise releases endorphins. The endorphins remain in your system, and this is not helpful an hour to bed. Therefore, it is best to work out in the morning or afternoon. If your schedule allows you to have time to exercise in the evening, exercise at least 4 hours before bedtime. 

  • Eating right before sleeping time 

Although going to bed hungry makes it difficult to sleep. Still eating heavy food before you hit the hay will affect your sleep. When you eat close to your bedtime, you need to use more energy in the digestion process than your sleep. And, eating late at night leads to weight gain as well. If your tummy is rumbly, the best thing to eat is a sleep-promoting snack like almonds, nuts, or cereal. Optionally, if you need something to drink, drink chamomile tea as it is calming and will help you sleep too. 

  • Sleeping in during the weekend

Without getting enough sleep, you will feel the need to sleep in during weekends. Although it is satisfying to sleep enough during the weekend, sleeping in too much interferes with your body’s sleep cycle. Staying in bed until noon on a weekend day will cause you to struggle to fall asleep at night on Sunday night. Therefore, it is vital to set an alarm time to ensure you do not sleep too much of the extra hours during the weekend as it has its effects as well. 

  • Sleeping in cozy pajamas 

Do you sleep in long flannel pajamas? Although cozy, it is challenging to control your body temperature in them at night, especially if you cover yourself. Therefore, sleep in as few clothes as possible that are still as comfortable and have more covers. It is better to create warmth with covers. For you can take them off or pull them on at night, unlike, having to remove your pajamas when you get hot at night. Piling on covers is better and make sure you have comfortable ones for the season you are in your area.

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