The Ultimate Guide to Different Types of Perfume

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You know perfume makes you smell better, but did you know that there are different concentration levels and scent families? We base perfume types on their concentration levels and if you’re unfamiliar with the different types, you may end up with the wrong perfume.

Continue reading for our guide on different types of perfume and their scents to help you choose what works for you.

Different Types of Perfume

Becoming familiar with the different perfumes and their concentration levels lets you know a perfume’s strength and how long the scent will last. Checking the label for these words will help you identify these qualities while shopping for a new perfume.


This is the strongest fragrance concentration available. These varieties last up to eight hours and often have a higher price tag than other types of perfume.

Eau de Parfum

Eau de Parfum is one of the most common perfume types for everyday use. This type has the second strongest concentration of fragrance and will last up to six hours.

Eau de Toilette

This type is also the most common because of its affordable cost. It has a concentration between 5% and 15% and the scent lasts around three hours.

Eau de Cologne

Often referred to as “cologne”, this type is incorrectly associated with men, but can also be a perfume for women. Eau de Cologne refers to a fragrance between 2% and 4% concentration with a greater percentage of alcohol that lasts up to two hours.

Eau Fraiche

The final perfume type is the lightest fragrance option with a concentration between 1% and 3%. This type of scent is ideal for those looking for something more subtle and doesn’t contain a high amount of alcohol.

Different Types of Perfume Scents

When shopping for perfumes, it’s important to understand the different types of perfume smells. Knowing the scent options will help you choose something you enjoy.

This collection of Bvlgari perfumes contains a variety of these scents to explore.


Floral scents will use flowery scents like lily or rose. These scents can be light and subtle or intense, depending on the flower fragrances used.


This scent is part of the warm family and uses woody smells like cedar or amber. They often have earthy or smoky undertones that make them the scent of choice for men’s aftershave or perfume.


Fresh scents use citrus, water, and green scents to create a crisp fragrance. Smells used to achieve this are lemon, orange, lavender, and aquatic notes.


Oriental scents are another member of the warm family. They’re defined by sweet spicy notes, like cinnamon or vanilla. Oriental scents are often combined with floral and woody types.

different types of perfume

When shopping for your next perfume, consider how long you want your scent to last, how strong you want it to be, and the smells that appeal to you. Understanding the different types of perfume will help you shop for your next bottle with ease.

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