A Guide to Select the Right Colour for Your Lehenga


Everybody knows that colour selection is of utmost importance while shopping for any outfit, be it Western or traditional. Although all hues are charming in their own special way, you need to pick the ones that suit you best as this basic factor can make or break your entire look. Lehengas have been the most in-vogue ethnic ensemble of women for the last couple of years, and this trend is unlikely to go away anytime soon. Be it a new lehenga design or an old one, you can find them all in a multitude of shades today.

Once you have finalised which kind of lehenga design you wish to adorn, the only thing left to decide is which colour you want it to be in. This can often be an overwhelming experience, but with a few handy tips, selecting the perfect shade of lehenga will be a cakewalk for you!

Below we have compiled a useful guide that’ll help you select the right colour for your lehenga:

  • Based on the complexion of your skin

This is the simplest yet the most crucial aspect that should be definitely considered while you are picking your lehenga colour. All women are beautiful regardless of skin tone, but choosing lehengas in shades that match your complexion can greatly enhance your natural glow! Here is a list of varied hues that wonderfully complement different skin tones –

  • Fair skin tone: If you have a fair complexion, you should opt for lehengas in pastel shades like Dusty Pink, Pista Green, Aqua, or Powder Blue to charm one and all with your dainty appearance. But if you wish to go bold, eye-catching colours like Red and Orange can help you grab the spotlight.

  • Wheatish or Dusky skin tone: Women with a wheatish or dark complexion have a natural bronzed look that makes them look like a stunning Goddess! Lehengas in colours like Olive, Sea Green, Navy Blue, etc. are an excellent choice for all you dusky beauties out there.

  • Based on the timing of the event

This is often the most overlooked factor when it comes to colour selection, but it is pretty vital. The time of the day when the event will be taking place should also be considered when you are shortlisting your ideal lehenga shade. If it is a daytime function, then lehengas in light hues like pink, peach, yellow, etc will look marvellous. For a night-time ceremony, lehengas in deep shades such as Dark Blue, Gold, Silver, etc. will make you look exquisite.

  • Based on the type of occasion

The type of the occasion should also be factored in when selecting your lehenga colour. Lehengas can be worn for several grand celebrations like weddings and festivities, and also for casual events like a birthday or anniversary party. For opulent functions, you should opt for lehengas in hues like gold, silver, green, navy blue, etc. to make a regal statement. For simple events, you should choose lehengas in muted tones like beige and cream.

Keeping these aspects in mind, selecting the right lehenga colour becomes quite easy! You can also apply these colour-selection tips while shopping for a saree, kurti set, etc.

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