Cliphair Announce UK Launch of National Redhead Day


Cliphair Announce UK Launch of National Redhead Day

Cliphair have partnered with How To Be a Redhead to launch National Red Head Day in the UK, a holiday created for redheads by redheads to celebrate the rarest of hair colours.

“We felt that, as over 25% of the total redheads in the world lives in the British Isles, we should be doing more to support them and spread awareness here in the UK.” Riz, Cliphair Co-Founder.

Scotland is the redhead capital of the world. Over 13% of all Scottish people have red hair, with Wales and Ireland making up a further 10%. 4% of the English population are Redheads, an estimated 2.1 million people! Considering only 2% of the entire world’s population has red hair, the British Isles are proudly waving the red flag for redheads everywhere.

This November 5th is National Red Head Day

National Red Head Day is the brainchild of redhead sisters Adrienne and Stephanie Vendetti, co-founders of, and was first launched in the US in 2012. Adrienne and Stephanie created in 2011 to celebrate redheads in both the fashion and beauty sector. Alongside their website’s success, the sisters have come leaps and bounds from their humble redheaded beginnings, publishing the “How to be a Redhead” beauty book and curating and marketing a monthly H2BAR Beauty Box.

To this day, the redhead demographic is shockingly misunderstood. High profile beauty labels offer inadequate products to nurture the redhead’s specific beauty requirements.

“As young girls, we both had trouble finding ‘Redhead Friendly’ products because most items caused our skin to irritate or break out.” Stephanie Vendetti.

Back in 2012, Cliphair launched the first redhead range of hair extensions. To this day, they remain the leading seller of red hair extensions, with 10 stunning shades in their bestselling collections. 

You can follow Cliphair’s Redhead Campaign on their socials via #RedsHaveMoreFun & #CliphairRedheads. Alternatively, visit the campaign landing page to see the campaign shoot in full.


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