The Dangers of Online Dating


It might seem that dating online has made the dating game a whole lot easier than the old ways of meeting someone for a blind date but you should be under no illusions that there are dangers attached to this modern method of trying to find a new partner.

You only have to ask a sex crime attorney about some of the cases they have handled that originated from an online dating encounter to appreciate that it would be a good idea to have a base knowledge of the dangers of online dating.

Here are some of the key things you need to know.

Take care with your image

You will want to enjoy a certain degree of anonymity when uploading a dating profile. That helps you to screen people viewing your profile and control who you decide to connect with.

What you need to be wary of is using the same profile picture that you use on social media sites.

It makes it easier for someone to find you on social media by using a reverse image search on Google.

Make sure you use a different profile picture for online dating so that it makes it harder for someone to track you down elsewhere. You can always share that information once you have verified a person’s identity and you are happy that they are genuine.

A lack of information is a potential red flag

You need to be vigilant when connecting with people using online dating sites.

Although the majority of people online will be genuine there are always some people with bad intentions. If you connect with someone that has no bio and doesn’t give up any worthwhile verifiable information it is a profile you should exercise caution with.

Don’t give up personal information too easily

If you strike up a good rapport with someone online and want to dig deeper to see if you are a good dating match it is a natural step to share a bit of personal information as a way of building trust.

No matter how well you think the dating encounter is going it is always prudent to wait before you share too much personal information.

A genuine person won’t mind waiting. They also won’t ask for things like bank information or your social security number. These are the sort of details that you should never give up via an online dating site.

Meeting for the first time

The next step when an online dating encounter is going well would be to arrange to meet them in person.

There are a couple of key safety rules that need to be followed when you arrange to meet someone new.

It is a good idea to arrange a video chat beforehand so that you can verify they look like the same person as their online profile. Arrange to meet in a public place where others are around and tell a friend where you are going so they can check you are safe at some point in the evening.

You always hope that your online dating encounter will eventually end in a loving and trusting relationship but it is always advisable to take a cautious approach and follow these safety rules in the meantime.

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