6 Deciding Factors to Choose Between Rehab or Detox

Drug addiction, alcoholism, and substance abuse can affect the normal functioning of your body or your loved one. It is important to realize when and how to seek well-suited treatment according to your needs. In many cases, people don’t feel that they require drug addiction treatment until it’s too late to get out of a miserable situation. The first step towards recovery starts with your determination and effort to stay in shape. Let us understand the basic difference between detox and rehab before moving towards other deciding factors.

Detox vs. Rehab

Medical detoxification or detox is the early step towards drug addiction recovery. During detox, your body expels toxic substances out of its system to gain sobriety. Generally, this treatment involves medication to recover from drug withdrawal symptoms that can become severe depending on the type of drug and duration of addiction. Experts recommend performing medical detox under medical supervision, leading to extreme medical conditions such as seizures, severe dehydration, or even death.

On the other hand, rehab is for those drug addicts who require to live in medical facilities or drug addiction centers for treatment. These facilities offer intensive 24/7 recovery programs focusing on patients’ privacy and safety. You will likely receive therapies and medication under a controlled environment and medical assistance during this treatment program if you’re dealing with addiction.

It is important to seek medical guidance in case of addiction; no matter your level, the earlier you go for advice, the better and faster you will recover. Several organizations are trying to make an American society healthy and sober while treating their addictions. For instance, Delphi Health Group is a health facility covering a wide range of services for drug addicts. The medical experts at this center can guide you about which treatment plan is best suited for you and can offer you individualized recovery programs by keeping your health and other conditions under check.

Duration of Detox vs. Rehab

If you’re seeking detox or rehab for your treatment, the duration of detox and rehab varies based on the severity of the addiction. In general medical detox normally continues for 3 to 10 days. For example, alcohol addiction withdrawal symptoms may level off within a week. Other drug treatments may require a longer period, such as Benzodiazepines detox lasting two weeks or longer. Though rehab is the longer and intensive treatment plan, it usually runs from 28 days to six months.

Cost of Detox vs. Rehab

Medical detox generally costs less than rehab as it is the first step towards recovery and does not include psychotherapy and constant medical attention. You can also benefit from insurance coverage. Depending on your insurance policy, rehab facility, the nature of the treatment are the crucial factors during insurance coverage. Remember that the price should not be the primary factor while choosing an addiction treatment route for you.

Physical Health Problems

You decide to quit drugs independently, but it becomes a big trouble for you as drug withdrawal symptoms worsen. In that case, it is best to start medical detox under proper medical assistance. It is noteworthy that sometimes drug withdrawal proves fatal for you.

Initially, substance abuse is not physically evident in your health. It takes time to develop physical changes to your body. But if you notice any drastic changes to your physical health, it is time to go to the rehab facility.

Mental Health Disorders

You should check medical facilities if you have mental health disorders caused by addiction. Drugs are directly linked with mental health decline. 50%-75% of adults suffer from a mental health disorder while battling a substance use disorder. If you are on drugs and start experiencing depressive, anxiety, or other mental health symptoms, you must find a professional rehab experienced in co-occurring disorders.

Negative Effects on Academic and Professional life

When you start taking drugs, it is often difficult to notice it’s side-effects. However, over time, addiction begins to develop into a serious issue threatening the normal functioning of your life. However, if and when you’re addicted, it’s important to seek out support. Friends and family can play an effective role in taking the initiative for such drug addicts. If you or your loved one’s work or academic life is in turmoil after frequently using drugs, it’s a clear sign that you or they need urgent medical detox.

Excessive Doses of Drugs

If you are using drugs in high quantities or with increased frequency, you are at increased risk of overdose. Over time, your body develops tolerance while taking the same drugs. So, when you increase the quantity of the substance to feel the desired effects, it may often lead towards high doses. Coma and death can easily occur due to overdoses.

Final Words

If you’re attempting to overcome addiction independently, know that it’s possible, but you’ll likely fall back into the habit due to the high relapse rate of some drugs. Dependency on the drug may become a serious issue, especially when you are addicted for a longer period. Many people go for addiction recovery options when they have no other choice. For example, there are catastrophic life events like overdose until reaching the death bed or legal consequences. You don’t have to wait for the right time to start drug treatment. It is always better to start early. You can also protect your loved ones by intervening now, as it could save them from the damaging effects of drugs and substance abuse.

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