4 Extraordinary Fun Things You Can Try At Your Next House Party

“Well, my friends, the time has come to raise the roof and have some fun…. Let the music play on.” Remember the lyrics from Lionel Richie’s all night long?

Party time is a fun time. If your party is devoid of fun, then the purpose is defeated. Parties are meant to create fun and revitalize the spirit. That is why planning a party is no joke.

If you’ve attended a party that attracted tremendous fun, know that a good deed of planning has been put into it. Nothing good comes easy. It will be wrong to commit vast sums of money to a party and get a bad outing.

Whether it’s a birthday, wedding party, marriage anniversary, you need excellent organization to get it right. All get-togethers are meant for fun and happiness.

If you’re planning to host a party soon and want to have more fun, here is a list of great ideas that can make your party a memorable event.

Spice Up Party with Meals and Drinks

The type of meals and drinks you serve will help create the right atmosphere for your party.

Depending on the party type, stock up on drinks for your party. You can organize a drinking game or a drinking competition. Some of the familiar drinking games include beer pong, flip cup, ride the bus, among others. This will add fun to your event.

To impress your guests, you can send them a list of your menu before the event. Entertain them with some dedicated foodies. If you know what your guys love most, serve them with such delicacies.

To satisfy your guests, try such combinations as oysters and a Martini, beef jerky and a beer cocktail, cheese, and Negroni.

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2.        Light Up Your House With Different Colored Light

What makes a studio unique is mainly its lighting facilities. If you light up any place, you create a unique atmosphere within it.

If you’re planning a house party and want to set the house in a party mood, light up your house with different light colors. It will amaze you with the type of mood it will create.

Lighting helps to provide a dim shade of atmosphere in the room. When you mix colors such as blue, red, and green lights in your house, you will create different hues. Adjust the white light to reduce the brightness of the room. The brightness can kill the atmosphere before the party starts.

The lighting system is the first fantastic effect to create an atmosphere of fun for your house party. You can use lighting to create a loving atmosphere; you can use lighting to project mood and communicate intentions.

3.        Decorate Your Home Before the Party

After lighting up your home for the party, the next thing you want to do is to decorate your home to get ready for the big event. When decorating your home, be sure to move your furniture around. Don’t let your house wear its usual look. Make it look funky and pleasant.

Decorate your house with flowers. Let flowers tell the story of the moment. Flowers add beauty to the already created mood. Add some funny pictures such as cartoons that can spark off laughter. Get some images that can get people talking.

Use balloons to make wall and ceiling decorations. Use different colors, sizes, and shades of balloons to create a kindergarten atmosphere. Balloons help to add fun to the mood.

4.        Hire a DJ. Get an MC!

To get the best of music and get the best mix of vibes, get a DJ to spice up your gig. A DJ, or disc jockey, is a professional when selecting music for events.

Music is the most fabulous spice to any party. A good mix of rock and roll and soft and gentle music can lighten your party. If you want to make your house party extraordinary and memorable, a DJ is necessary. From your local environment, you should be able to get a DJ to supply specialized music for your house party.

Next to a DJ is a good MC. An MC can bring life to your party. An MC will deliver rib-cracking jokes to make your guests reel with laughter. Imagine a party without an MC is like having a party without music.

Laughter can relieve stress and anxiety. Some guests may be looking forward to an MC’s performance, and you don’t have to disappoint them. Create intermittent breaks during the party to give room for jokes, and it will add flair to your party.


The next time you want to throw a house party, you now have enough tips for creating great fun and entertaining your friends with variety. You may like to ask your guests to come in a dress code. You can set up a photo booth where your guests can take shots of photos to keep the memories alive. If you have some cash to spend on your house party, you can organize a BBQ garden party to give your friends a good treat. You can pick one or a few of the tips listed above to make your next house party filled with fun. We hope you will have tremendous fun at your next party if you try these tricks.


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