Modern summer houses: how to create them?


Everyone who starts thinking about their own recreation space uses all their imagination to create it. The construction of wooden summer houses is far from frequent activity in our lives, so when we do it, we put every effort to make the holiday home as close as possible to the summer houses we have always dreamed of.

Given the popularity of modern summer houses for sale on the market, in this article, we decided to share the experience of our specialists and the most important tips on how to create a modern holiday home. You’ll be amazed at what a difference a rustic detail can make in a country-style home.

Three basic rules when building a modern cottage

Summer houses are quite often furnished in a primitive country style, and sometimes, due to a well-thought-out interior, they could look like a sauna or an auxiliary building of a garden house. Therefore, it is important to emphasize that to create a modern holiday home, properly prepared wooden summer houses projects are a must. Only professionally prepared garden rooms projects will allow you to avoid fundamental mistakes and achieve the best possible result at the expense of the optimal budget.

First of all, when installing modern summer houses – it is recommended to avoid natural wooden log ceilings. Not the most suitable choice is a summer house project, in which the ceiling is planned to be covered with small wooden boards. The latter usually simplifies the interior of the house so that it becomes similar to a sauna or an ancient garden house. Given that a significant proportion of people still give priority to naturalness in holiday homes, it is important to mention that the ceilings of the summer house can be left wooden, however, in this case, it is suggested not to avoid more original solutions. For example, the image in the room can be completely changed by the unique color of the ceiling, modern wood, selected color, or, as an essential accent, accentuated ceiling beams. For those who want the cottages to look modern, professionals advise avoiding a combination of wooden walls, floors, and ceilings. Even if you choose a different wood and furnish the room with modern furniture, it will be quite difficult to obtain a nowadays style of the garden house. In short, the accent of the tree is a real decoration as long as there is not too much of it.

The second important thing when it comes to what a modern cottage project should look like is the choice of wood style itself. When planning the interior of a garden house, it is important to ensure that any wood used in the interior will not be too small, carved, wavy, and it should not be used to form ornaments typical of the country style. It is worth noting that the interior of a summer house is usually modern, smooth, one-color wood, tastefully matched to the furniture, if necessary, it can also be covered with a uniform color that matches the interior of the room. Dark-colored wooden walls, ceilings, or floors can be considered a fairly modern choice for a holiday home, which, due to their color, do not resemble natural wood, but retain their naturalness in the interior. However, summer houses with a lot of dark colors in the interior look much smaller and darker, so these should be used sparingly. Too many dark elements can also create a depressing mood that will not be desirable in the home you come to rest on.

Another, but no less important rule is that when installing modern summer houses for sale, bright colors, variegated patterns, or gilded furniture should be avoided. Although it is expected to give the summer houses for sale an exclusive style, the interior of the cottage is usually only complicated and sometimes even made tasteless, and looks quite cheap. The latter mistake is most often encountered when trying to create a truly exclusive cottage interior without consulting with interior professionals. Although the furniture for each style of interior – is a particularly important accent, if you want to have a modern summer house style – you should not overdo it. In this case, the best result is usually achieved by choosing tasteful, minimalist furniture that matches practically any choice of floor, walls, and ceiling of the house.

Modern summer houses: interior decoration

To fulfill your expectations with building modern summer houses for sale, pay full attention to the interior design. First of all, you should think carefully about which interior decoration would best suit your cozy lounge.

When looking for more expressive ideas that could enrich the interior of a log house, it is worth remembering that not only exclusive wall decoration, but also unique design solutions chosen from the very beginning can create an interesting design. While most people try to keep their vacation home as close to nature as possible and tend to stick to wood, don’t be afraid to combine wood with other materials. One of these, especially often used in the interior design of summer houses, is gypsum board, which is perfectly combined with any type of wood. It is not uncommon for the interior to be fitted with stone details that give the cottage some elements of luxury. However, to maintain the interior of a modern-style cottage, we offer to combine the walls or ceiling of the chipboard with natural or processed wood, thus preserving the naturalness and giving the building modernity.

No matter what decoration of the walls, floor, and ceiling you are going to choose, one of the most important aspects should be noted – the colors of the rooms in the future vacation house. Depending on the color of the walls you choose, not only the overall design of the summer house will depend on the interior of the log house, but also the atmosphere, style, and color of the room will affect the feeling of space and lighting of the rooms. It is not difficult to understand that the chosen colors of the room will give the room much more light than dark. If a monochrome, bright interior looks too ordinary and boring for homeowners, an additional color that highlights the ceiling, walls, or floor could be a fairly original solution to this problem.

Why is lighting important?

According to experts, considering the general construction practice, the lighting planning of wooden summer houses is usually given much less attention than it should be. Thanks to the lighting, the interior of any house not only looks more spacious but also creates a much more comfortable and cozy atmosphere. The summer houses with a special amount of daylight have a special atmosphere, so when designing a holiday home, it is necessary to consider the possibility of a larger number of windows. The truth is that by engaging in light design right from the start of summer cottage construction, all light points can be planned with extreme precision, which has a big impact on the result of the interior.

The interior lighting of an already built summer house can be improved by using several types of lighting. The most commonly used type of lighting is general lighting, which includes elements such as a chandelier, floor lamps, wall lamps, yard lighting, pendant lamps. To obtain the light, two additional types of lighting are usually used – task lighting and spotlighting. Task lighting, which is brighter than general lighting, includes standing lamps, table lamps, table lamps, bathroom mirror lighting, under-cabinet lamps, rail lamps, and spot lamps including ceiling lamps and ceiling-mounted lamps. As mentioned earlier, the combination of all three types of luminaires will create an effect that will make the space look visually larger. Thanks to the different types of lighting fixtures, summer houses acquire a much more modern style, so it is usually recommended to choose their variety rather than one type.

Spatial planning: why should you rethink it well?

When planning summer houses, a lot of attention must be paid to the layout of their interior spaces.

When solving one of the most important issues – the layout of the rooms, interior specialists usually recommend taking into account two main factors: the most frequently used premises and the residents of the house. To make the vacation house as comfortable as possible for everyday use, it is recommended to install the most commonly used spaces, such as the living room or kitchen, closest to the entrance, while the bedroom and other areas used only on certain occasions can be further away from the entrance. We also recommend that you take into account the age of the people in the holiday home. For older householders, constant climbing the stairs will probably not be the most pleasant part of the stay, in which case we recommend thinking about installing the most necessary premises – a bedroom, kitchen and bathroom on the first floor of the house.

In cases where the summer houses for sale are quite small, it is worth remembering that in a small space, some areas may even perform several functions i.e. a large and comfortable sofa in the living room can become not only a place to relax during the day, but also a bedroom bed at night, and the table can be used not only for meals but also during work. This way you will have everything you need – a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen, and a workspace, even if you can’t have many separate rooms in the holiday home due to lack of space. On the other hand, in cases where the project of the cottage is not small, specialists suggest not to make the feeling of space even smaller with planning many rooms. While at first glance they may seem to provide more privacy, they also significantly reduce space, which is a rather poor solution when it comes to creating a modern cottage interior.

How to choose the most suitable furniture?

Once the features of the rooms, as well as the layout of the house, are known, it is time to think about the final, but no less important accents – the furniture and accessories of summer houses. The fact that the furniture must be not only beautiful but also comfortable is not worth discussing, but it is especially important to pay attention to the functionality of the furniture as well. A big advantage is a furniture that can perform more than one function: for example, a sofa that can be used as a bed or kitchen table, which is perfect for working with a computer or preparing homework for children. This not only saves money and space – it is worth having as many furniture options as possible that can be used in different situations.

For the cottages to maintain a modern style, bright colors, variegated patterns, and details such as gilded furniture, should be avoided. Probably the first thing to pay attention to when choosing living room furniture – is their color and the relationship with the colors of the walls. A fairly simple, but especially modern solution that will create a view on the living room website – the contrasting color of the furniture and walls. A light sofa will enliven a dark room, and the dark color of the furniture will become an integral accent in a bright room. But the contrast is just one of the possible interior proposals. Quite often, the interior of a log house is decorated with the colors of both – the walls and the main furniture, leaving the room enlivened by other modern solutions.

It is worth choosing accessories that match the character of the interior and its size, the possible option, and the point in the interior to which the gaze is directed. The rest of the furniture in this case should be less focused and accentuate the accent even more. It is worth mentioning that accessories made of wicker, clay, wood, metal, or glass are perfect for simple wooden summer houses interiors.

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