How to get the black tie dress code for women right


A black tie dress code can be tricky territory. It means it’s going to be a big, formal event that you’re going to want to look and feel your absolute best for – which is no easy ask for anyone, at the end of the day. Whether your calendar is studded with black tie occasions, or it’s your very first and only, that feeling of what-am-I-going-to-wear panic can quickly set in. Keep reading for a few perfect ideas that’ll have you feeling confident, comfortable and looking stunning at your upcoming event, no matter where you’re heading…

Start with measuring

The first thing you need to do is dig out your measuring tape and get familiar with your proportions. This might seem like an effort, but having your numbers handy means that you’ll be shopping with everything you need to know about how certain pieces will play with your shape. Fallen in love with something that’s out of proportion? You can always take it to the tailor to make it a custom fit just for you.

Get inspired

Next, it’s time to get inspired. You’re going to be faced with an awful lot of options, especially if you’re browsing online, so it’s a good idea to streamline your search with a few looks that you’re drawn to. This could help cut your hunt time in half, so it’s well worth doing.

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Think about cut

Once you’re all measured and suitably inspired, you’re going to want to focus on fit before anything else. The right fit for you will have you feeling both beautiful and comfortable, which is key. There’s nothing worse than discomfort distracting you when you’ve got a night of celebrating and dancing ahead of you. A few gorgeous, virtually universally flattering cut options include a-line, shift, column and off the shoulder.

Focus on materials

Materials really can make all the difference, particularly when you’re shopping for evening wear. A black tie event means your imagination can run wild with the most dressed up options you can dream up. So avert your eyes towards some of the dressier, luxurious fabrics like silks, sequins, lace, tulle and satin to find a magical piece that’s truly something special.

Invest accordingly

Given that black tie events don’t roll around every day, you should feel comfortable investing in a piece that makes you feel amazing and that you can make work for many special nights to come. An evening piece is definitely a bigger investment, so stay mindful and make sure you’re not jumping onto trends or opting for cheaper, less sustainable options that’ll just end up in landfill when the day is done. A treasured, gorgeous dress that you can wear and love for years to come is the goal here. A top tip? When in doubt, go clean and classic – you really cannot go wrong with something timeless.

Remember your accessories

Never forget the power of a little jewellery, shoes, a clutch bag and your hair and makeup. These can take a deceptively simple dress from nothing special to breathtaking in a matter of minutes. This is where the inspiration stage really comes in handy, so keep this in mind when you’re initially shopping for your piece. Whether you’re more minimal and like simple embellishments or you love to layer and get creative, your accessories can be truly transformative.

You’re now ready to start searching for your dream black tie event dress. Happy shopping!

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