Celebrities who face financial problems

It is not just the working class that have to face financial problems. A-list celebs who have earned millions over the years have failed to manage their finances properly leaving them struggling to keep up with their celebrity lifestyle.

In recent weeks, Baywatch star Pamela Anderson has been reported to be facing bankruptcy.

The celebrity is facing liens from five different construction companies for unpaid bills adding up to a total of nearly $1 million. (£626,500)

However the star has lashed out on the reports that she is facing bankruptcy as ‘crazy.’

She told Access Hollywood the claims were unfounded and she believes she is being heavily overcharged for home improvement work on her Malibu property-for which she has allegedly already paid millions.

Anderson added, “I am actually touched at how much concern has been expressed for me over this.”

Californian records obtained by the publication also indicated she may owe $252,360 in unpaid state taxes, bills and penalties which the beach babe attributed to human error.

“Mistakes may have been made in calculating taxes owed,” Anderson explained.

Another celeb in financial trouble is Warren Beatty who lost his fight to prohibit the filming of his bankruptcy court hearing. He feared it would be aired because of his star status.

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