Cheating Celebs!

You would think their life would be pretty perfect – fame, fortune, beauty and a whole load of cash to go with it – but even the hottest of female celebs are being cheated on left right and centre by their beloved partners.

And 2010 is no different. So far we have seen a bunch of celebs exposed for their cheating ways and here are a few that have stood out in our mind.

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock

Oscar-winning actress, Sandra Bullock’s life was torn apart after learning her husband, Jesse James, had had a sordid affair with tattoed model, Michelle McGee. McGee sold her story claiming the pair had an 11-month affair, and on one occasion lay in bed together watchin Bullock’s TV appearance at the MTV awards last May.

Celebricious Verdict: This Jesse James character needs to get to Specsavers!

Elin Nordegren


The Tiger Woods scandal shook the nation and broke the heart of his beautiful wife Elin Nordegren.  The multiple affairs which broke out earlier this year, showed the Tiger’s true colours and rocked his squeaky clean image on and off the golfing ground. Although not officially set in stone, reports have claimed Elin, 30, will file for a divorce, which could see sex-mad Tiger pay out millions of pounds.

Celebricious Verdict: Tiger made a huge cock up and should of kept his balls to the golf course!

Reese Witherspoon


Pretty Reese Witherspoon faced heartbreak in 2006 when she discovered text messages on her former husband’s, Ryan Phillipe, phone suggesting he had been having an affair with co-star Amy Cornish. The break up stunned the nation as the pair seemed like a cute couple with not a problem in sight. Although Cornish denies the affair, sources on the movie set for Stop Loss claim she is a liar and was seen leaving his apartment on several occasions.

Celebricious Verdict: Ryan’s Phillip-ing mental for cheating on Reese!

Jennifer Aniston


The stunning, attractive and successful Jennifer Aniston was publically humiliated in 2005 after reports revealed his sordid affair with Angelina Jolie. The pair, who met on the set of Mr and Mrs Smith, became very close and spent a lot of time together, texting and calling while off set too. Everyone was completely stunned when the stunning pair split, with Jennifer telling Vanity Fair Magazine, “The world was shocked and I was shocked. I’d be a robot if I said I didn’t feel any moments of anger, hurt and embarassment.”

However, the stunning star has bounced back and landed herself some great movie roles and a few hunky guys along the way!

Celebricious Verdict: At least Jen will always have her Friends!

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