5 Activities That Can Help Reduce Stress

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Stress and anxiety are part of everyone’s day-to-day life, but some people tend to have more of an anxious nature than others.

Whether it’s job-related, family issues or financial matters, we’re bound to feel overwhelmed with stress at points in our lives. With that being said, managing anxiety and stress isn’t an easy thing to do.

To try and help you on your way to finding peace of mind, we’ve compiled a list of tips to help you manage anxiety and stress.

Meditation is key

As cliché as it sounds, meditation really overrules any other anxiety-soothing tips. It’s the most powerful relaxation tool you could use and best of all, it’s free.

There’s thousands of guided meditations all over the Internet that you can use to help feel calmer, relaxed and less stressed. It can help you stop over-thinking and realize that most of the stress you’re under is self-inflicted and unnecessary.

By introducing 10 minutes of meditation into your lifestyle, you’ll begin to see the effects almost instantly.

Try art & colouring

Forget the time when colouring books and journals for kids – adult colouring books are all the rage right now.

There’s good reason why they’re so popular amongst both adults and children, and that’s because of how excellent they are at getting peace of mind.

Books like The Meditation Coloring Book are designed specifically for adults and are excellent for soothing anxiety. Buy some new colouring supplies and take 20 minutes out of your day to create your own design, and we guarantee you’ll be feeling more relaxed in no time.

Distract your mind with apps

The market for anxiety and stress soothing products have exploded over the past few years.

Apps especially are the most useful as your phones tend to be on you 24/7. Instead of using it to check the uber-glossy filtered world of celebs, use it to calm yourself down and get some peace.

I personally suffer with stress and anxiety-related panic attacks and the mobile app Flowy has worked wonders for preventing them. A few minutes per day results in a significant reduction of anxiety and also prevents panic attacks from coming on when you’re not in a comfortable environment.

Some other good apps include Headspace, Calm.com and Walking Meditations.

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Create a ‘happy place’

They key to feeling most relaxed is to find your ideal environment. Close your eyes and think about a place that would make you feel the calmest and try and replicate that.

For me, my happy place is somewhere uncluttered, full with candles and cozy blankets. If you can replicate your happy place in a room in your home, try and chose somewhere where you will be undisturbed like a bedroom.

Your happy place is a good place to practice meditation. Only allow good thoughts and relax.

Forget your world – get lost in another

What better way to temporarily forget your world than to get lost in another?

Reading distracts the mind and helps you escape ‘real life’, helping you to momentarily forget about all of your issues, worries and stress.

A real, hand-held book is best. Try to avoid using the web for reading as you’re more likely to wonder off onto social media and other random sites. Curl up with a book in your happy place, put your feet up and get lost.

Whether you’re a chronic stress-head or just experience waves of anxiety time to time, use these 5 ways to manage anxiety and stress. We guarantee you’ll be feeling relaxed in no time!



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