7 Ways to Decorate a Non-Working Fireplace

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You might be asking yourself “what’s a fireplace without a fire?”. Here’s the answer – a home decor dream.

If you’ve just moved into a new place with a gorgeous but non-functional fire place, it may seem like a bit of a waste for it to sit there looking ugly.

To help you decorate a non-working fireplace, we’ve compiled a list to inspire you and hopefully give you some more ideas on what to do with the space.

Give it the ‘rustic’ look

fireplace wooden logs

We love these rustic-looking fire places by Creative Index and Swoonworthy.

You can still get the feeling of a warm, cozy fireplace without the actual fire by adding logs into the space. Just because they can’t be lit, doesn’t mean that they won’t look amazing!

Stack books & magazines

Books in Fireplace

Instead of log cuts, try featuring books and magazines inside the fireplace.

This is also an excellent storage ideas, perfect if your house is bursting at the seams and you have no areas to store books. You can really make this the feature of a room, adding cozy blankets and seating areas either side to create a small reading nook.

One of our favourites is by Design Sponge.

Bring the outside in

Flowers and Greenery in non-working Fireplace

The perfect way to brighten up a dull fireplace is to add flowers and greenery.

These non working fireplaces by House to Home and Refinery29 are great examples of how blooms and plants can inject life into an area that was previously dull before.

Add your favourite flowers, greenery and plants and watch the room have more of a fresh, artistic vibe right before your eyes!

You can still have a fire!

Stove in Fireplace

Just because the fire place doesn’t work, it doesn’t mean you’re unable to have a fire. Add a small stove or artificial fire lighting into the area to instantly bring a coziness to the whole room.

This example by Decoholic shows how putting a stove into a fireplace doesn’t have to look ugly – you can even paint them with a heat-resitant paint to fit in with the theme of your room.

Chalkboard for kids

Chalkboard for Kids fireplace

We love this one by Nibs – the idea of adding a chalkboard for the kids to doodle.

Although this one might not working in the living room of your home, you could add a chalkboard into the non-working fireplace in your kid’s bedrooms.

It’s safer and encourages the creative side of them to shine, probably getting messy in the process.


Candles in fireplace

Candles are one of the staple pieces in making any house feel more homely.

This non-working fireplace by Houzz shows that you can still the dimely-lit fireside glow that you would get from a burning fire, without actually having a working fireplace.

Give it to your pets!

Pet bed fireplace

How could we include a home post without including at least one furry friend?

Dwell’s little dog seems to enjoy having a nice, cosy spot to sleep without missing out on any of the action happening in the living room.

Once you’ve cleaned the fireplace, add a furry blanket, a few toys and treats for your pet and we’re sure they’ll sit there all day watching the world go by.

What do you do with a non-working fireplace?

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