10 Delicious Vegetarian BBQ Food Recipes


During barbecue season, vegetables tend to be a little sidelined. When you walk into your local supermarket in search of food to griddle up, most of the products available are enormously meat based. There’s no way meat lovers should be able to have all of the fun!

Here are our top ten most delicious vegetarian BBQ food recipes you can make at home, that work as stand-alone dishes or side dishes. We promise these recipes won’t bust a hole in your wallet either!

Stuffed Peppers



Stuffed peppers are a staple starter in most restaurants. The best thing about them, they can be made with just 5 ingredients! Just swap out the oven cooking method and replace it by sizzling the peppers on your BBQ. We loved these ones from BBC Good Food. Yum!

Vegetarian Kebabs

veggie kebabs

These easy peasy kebabs from NetMums are made up of just vegetables and halloumi cheese. The best thing about using halloumi is that it doesn’t melt! you can enjoy the yummy smoky taste without the melty cheese mess!

Memphis-Style Dry-Rub BBQ Tofu

memphone dry-rub bbq tofu


A bit of a mouthful to pronounce, but a tasty mouthful to eat. This recipe from The Chubby Vegetarian shows how to enjoy a gorgeous mix of spicy flavours, absorbed tightly into the tofu making for a deliciously barbecue taste. This recipe is also super versatile, stick it in bread bun for a sandwich feel or eat it from skewers like spare ribs.

Mexican corn on the cob 


A fresh take on the classic corn on the cob. This recipe from Food Network adds a vibrant layer of soured cream and mayonnaise that bursts with flavour on every bite.

Barbecue Portobello burgers 

Veggie BBQ Food

Having a Burger doesn’t mean meat! The portobello mushroom is not only the perfect shape for your burger bun, but it provides a great source of protein as a meat alternative! Check out one of our favourite recipes from All Recipes.

Vegetarian Sausages

Vegetarian Sausage

Who says hot dogs have to be meaty either! We love this Vegetarian BBQ Food recipe from Annabel Karmel – grill up these yummy sausages on your barbecue and pop them inside a hot dog roll. Lather up with condiments and enjoy!

Griddled Aubergines 

Griddles aubergine BBQ recipe

These griddled Aubergines from BBC Good Food make a terrific side dish as an alternative to potato salad or coleslaw. Slap them up with the yoghurt dressing and you’re good to go!

Perfect BBQ baked potatoes

bbq baked potatoes

Not a typical vegetable you see griddled on a barbecue, but for a crispy skin and soft centre barbecuing your baked potatoes is the best way to go. Check out this recipe here.

Grilled caprese naan pizza


Naan breads make the perfect pizzas! And not only that, but they are perfect for grilling on your barbecue. Go as crazy as you feel with toppings and don’t forget the mozzarella! Check out this recipe by Oh My Veggies for inspiration.

Grilled pineapple and coconut sorbet

grilled bbq pineapple

Of course, our list wouldn’t be complete without a desert option! Martha Stewart’s grilled pineapple is a perfect end to a barbecue and makes a fab pallet cleanser. The possibilities are endless with grilled pineapple, you can even go Bem Brazil style and coat it in cinnamon before barbecuing up!



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