5 New Ways to Style Skinny Jeans

Will Wearing Current Trends Change Your Personal Style?

Skinny jeans. They’re one of the most basic, essential piece of any woman’s wardrobe, yet they’re often so badly styled. 

You can now get skinny jeans from almost every high street fashion store, with colours ranging from blue and black to bright red and green. But why are we still styling them so badly? And what are a few new ways to style skinny jeans? We’ll give you some ideas here!

Blue Jeans, White Shirt

White Shirt Denim Jeans

The most classic way to style blue jeans is when it’s paired with a crisp, white shirt (Lana Del Ray’s lyrics are not far off when it comes to jeans!).

We love these options by La Cool et Chic and Vincenzo Grillo. Even though the outfit on the right is not really including ‘skinny’ jeans, you could recreate the ripped-knee effect by ripping some of the blue skinny jeans you already own.

This combination can be dressed down with a pair of trainers, or dressed up with a glitzy clutch bag and pair of heels. Definitely one of our favourites!

Check mate!

check mate!

Another of our favourite ways to style skinny jeans is to pair them with a checkered shirt.

This idea is a winter essential because of how cosy it looks, and again you can dress up or dress down the checkered shirts. We love these two ideas from Sheer Luxe and Sincerely Jules, both with a red and black shirt and black bag.

Add a scarf

add a scarf

Looking to a different way to style skinny jeans? Throw on a scarf!

We love these ideas from Little Black Coconut, which shows the simple effect of styling jeans with a knitted scarf. Sometimes jeans can make you look bottom-heavy, so to balance out your body and get the right proportions, chuck on a scarf. It’ll keep you warm AND look amazing!

Pair skinny jeans with knitwear

knitwear - how to style denim jeans

If you want to feel really wintery, don’t stop at the scarf! Take a note from these ladies, who pair the classic blue denim jeans with a cosy knitwear jumper.

Jessica at What I Wore styled her blue jeans with a red Christmas jumper and wellies. We have a feeling this will be our Christmas day outfit because of how cosy and festive it looks!

The Daileigh has paired her patchwork blue jeans with a complimentary grey oversized jumper and black open-toe heels. Get this look yourself to instantly look uber-stylish!

Dress them up!

dress them up

Without a doubt, our favourite way to style skinny jeans is to dress them up.

There’s something effortlessly cool about wearing blue jeans with a pair of nude heels, a simple shirt and a patterned clutch. Take notes from Hello Fashion and Style Lovely – both of which showcase our favourite ways to wear the outfit.

What are your favourite ways to style skinny jeans? We’d love to know!


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