Capsule Wardrobe: 10 Essential Pieces

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Creating a capsule wardrobe is something that we always see the minimalistic-loving bloggers do, but is it really that easy to empty your wardrobe and almost half it’s size?

(If you’re not exactly sure of what a capsule wardrobe is, Caroline from Un-Fancy has a great post explaining everything in depth!).

We’ve compiled a list for ultimate wardrobe essentials that every woman needs, from the classic LBD to the classic neutral tote – we’ve got it covered.


Without a doubt, the essential piece in any capsule wardrobe is a plain white tee.

A plain white t-shirt doesn’t have to be expensive. You can pick one up for under a tenner and the amount of use you’ll get from it means it’s a no-brainer.

Although it sounds simple, the difference between plain white t-shirts can be drastic. Find a shirt that has a flattering neckline for your body type, and also that isn’t too see-through.

Grabbing yourself a simple white t-shirt will soon be a staple in your daily wardrobe and once you’ve got one, you’ll wonder how you lived without it for so long!


Ok – maybe not the most appealing of all items on this list but they’re definitely a staple in any woman’s capsule wardrobe.

A pair of simple black leggings will certainly go far in your wardrobe as they’re the ideal option for casual trousers.

Black leggings can be worn on the way to the gym, a quick run to the shop or just to lounge around in. This one comes with a warning, though – make sure they’re not see-through!


A pair of white trainers or pumps will go with almost every piece of clothing in this list, we’re sure of it.

Shoes like white Converse are suitable for pretty much any casual event (depending on how clean they are…).

One of our favourite outfits is to wear the white tee with a pair of skinny jeans, then add white pumps and a simple leather jacket over the top. You’ll look chic and feel super comfortable at the same time!


One of the most versatile pieces of clothing that you need in any capsule wardrobe is a grey (or neutral) sweater.

Much like the white pumps, a grey sweater is one of the most versatile pieces in this list and can be worn with pretty much any item.

capsule wardrobe

Again, you can grab yourself a grey sweater (or jumper!) for under £20 and for the amount of times you’ll wear it, it’s a great decision.

A grey sweater can be worn with skinny jeans, heels and a statement necklace for a formal look; swap the heels for white pumps and you have a smart-casual attire. You can’t really go wrong!


What was life before skinny jeans?

I think that in my daily life, I wear jeans 90% of the time. A black pair of skinny jeans is the true essential of a capsule wardrobe because of their versatility, and also the amount of various styles you can choose from.

Jeans are the only pair of trousers that I can wear to work, a quick nip to the shop and for a night out.

Bootcut, flares or skinny jeans – the choice is yours!


A black leather jacket is one of the only pieces of clothing that you can wear and instantly turn anything cooler.

This kind of clothing piece is one of the only items in our list that you can wear season-round; black leather will never go out of style!

Wearing a jacket like this doesn’t have to be as difficult as many people wear it out to be. Throw on your favourite pair of skinny jeans, a white t-shirt and/or grey jumper and your white pumps.

7. LBD

What would a woman’s wardrobe be without an LBD?

The little black dress comes in many different variations (from midi, maxi and short to bodycon and shift dresses), so it’s a great idea to bag yourself a few LBDs in your capsule wardrobe.

The LBD doesn’t have to be worn formally – it can be paired with your simple pair of white pumps for a casual Summer daytime look.


A pair of heels can never go wrong in a capsule wardrobe – they go with anything and everything, formally and casually!

capsule wardrobe essentials

A pair of black, nude or beige heels will go with any coloured outfit so there’s no need to go out and splurge on a pair of shoes every time there’s a new party occasion.


Much like a pair of nude heels, a neutral bag will go with any outfit you could think of!

Find a bag that is the perfect size for you. If you carry everything around and your handbag tends to be like a walking capsule wardrobe itself, you should find a handbag that can store all of your belongings and still look stylish.


A great quality lightweight trench coat will take from Spring to early Winter; meaning it’s a great clothing piece to splurge on!

Much like many of the other items on our capsule wardrobe list, a neutral-coloured trench coat is an essential piece of clothing that you need as it can be worn with pretty much anything!


What is your ultimate piece of clothing for your capsule wardrobe?

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