Top 3 Healthy Green Teas

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Green tea. It is known as the health drink that everyone loves to hate due to its amazing weight loss benefits and acquired taste. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You really can have your metaphorical  cake and eat it here.

After extensive research (aka drinking a hella lot of tea!) I have found 3 exquisite green teas that make being healthy just that little bit more fun!

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M&S – Organic Green Tea with Jasmine Infusion – £1

If you’re looking for a floral tea, then this is your cup.

At such a low price it wouldn’t be surprising to be dubious over the quality of this tea but fear not. This is divine. A truly floral infusion with a strong Jasmine taste that isn’t over powering and seems to diffuse that bitter tang you get after you’ve finished the cup.

This is a tea that is great for people that are used to drinking Green Tea and are comfortable with a stronger brew.

If you haven’t tried Green Tea before or you aren’t that fond of the taste then maybe leave this one for now!

Twinings – Fudge Melts Green Tea – £2.69

If you want an indulgent treat without the calories then this is the tea to satisfy that sweet tooth.

With Caramel notes and lots of natural sweetness you will find that this tea really does placate your dessert cravings.

The initial taste is caramel and then after a few seconds you get that fudge richness that is finished by the cleansing flavour of green tea. This one is subtle and perfect for people that aren’t fond of green tea or aren’t used to it.

Taylors Strawberry and Vanilla Green Tea – £2.29

This is the weakest green tea flavour of all the 3 teas.

Very fruity and not as sickly sweet as you may imagine from the flavour combination of Strawberry and Vanilla. You can definitely taste both in this tea but the Strawberry creates freshness whilst the vanilla naturally sweetens the whole thing and produces a delicious yet balanced flavour.

If you have never found a green tea that you enjoy before now then I highly recommend this variety as it creates a soft tea that is deliciously flavoured making the dominant taste strawberry (Honestly it’s not overly different from drinking a herbal/fruit tea).

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Emily x

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