Romantic Frugal Dates For Couples On A Budget

cheap valentine's date ideas

We all love a date night with our partner from time to time, however once you become a parent or have a full time job it’s so hard to find the time or money to spend quality time with your partner.

Our son is now of an age that we can leave him for several hours with a family member or friend and he will be absolutely fine without us. I used to be scared that I was a terrible mum for leaving him with someone, but he’s not suffering by spending quality time with a family member or friend so I don’t see the harm every now and then!

Having a date with your partner doesn’t have to be expensive or in the evening either.

I have come up with a few ideas for couples who are struggling to find the time or money to have a date with their partner.

– Go for a walk
– Take a drive to a beach
– Go for a picnic
– Get someone to take the kids out whilst you and the partner watch a film at home.
– Make a scrapbook together

date ideas for valentines

– Cook a meal for 2 together
– Write love letters for each other
– Go to a local game store and make use of their gaming machines!
– Go for a morning coffee
– Eat fish & chips on the beach
– Watch some YouTube videos on massage and then practice on each other
– Relive your first ever date together
– Save up all of your loose change and go to the amusements together
– Go to a car boot sale together and buy each other something funny or unique
– Stargaze together. Cheesy but romantic!

Written by Eve Redmond from freddieandi

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