Victoria Aveyard: Red Queen Series Book Review


Books are one of life’s greatest treasures and yet are so frequently under-rated as a form of entertainment. Of course it is easier to sit in front of the television and catch up on your favourite shows or watch a film.

But little is as satisfying as getting to the end of a truly great book. So I decided it was about time to show off some of these great novels in a new Unmissable Books Series.

In this series I aim to showcase some of the best modern authors of our times and hopefully encourage you to pick up a book and get involved! It would be fantastic to have some discussion in the comments about the books showcased and share opinions!

Each week I will be highlighting a different series of books from different authors so show of the quality and variety of today’s authors! Remember reading isn’t all about the Jane Austen’s and Charles Dickens’ of the world!

Without further ado, lets get on to the review (heh, rhymes!).


Red Queen is Aveyard’s début novel released in February 2015.

The genre is YA Fantasy and revolves around a young woman called Mare who lives in a world divided by blood type. The Silvers (those with silver blood) are seen as a higher race, they have special abilities (think X-Men style) and are the rulers of this world. The Reds are commoners and are basically poorly paid slaves that do all of the work and have no reward.

Mare has no future with no career or apprenticeship to fall into and so she takes to pick-pocketing, this is when she meets a mysterious figure and then shortly after finds herself working in the palace preparing for a royal festival where an aristocratic girl is to be betrothed to the two princes.

Mare soon finds out that she (despite her Red blood) has abilities and in order to cover it up the King puts her into the festival as a long lost silver and betroths her to one of the princes.

UNMISSABLE BOOKS #1 AVEYARD IIHere the fun really begins as Mare learns to deal with her abilities and soon learns that not everything is what it seems in her world.


Glass Sword is the second part to Aveyard’s Red Queen book trilogy. I won’t give away to much as it obviously follows on from the first novel but expect a lot of action, surprise, suspense and love interest.

Overall Victoria Aveyard is a captivating author; her writing is so full of intrigue and suspense that it makes reading these novels a breeze. I managed to read through the Red Queen book in a day and physically couldn’t put the book down until it was finished. But what an ending!

One of the biggest plot twists I have ever encountered and it was entirely unexpected. I couldn’t second guess this book at all which made it a really enthralling read and makes this a series of truly unmissable books.

I highly recommend this book if you are just getting into reading properly and want something that is full of excitement, action, love and the mother of all plot twists. Don’t be put off by its Young Adult status, the writing is rich and interesting and does not lack any of the elegance of adult fiction, sadly YA literature is often overlooked as it sits in the teen section of book stores and is deemed as ‘childish’.

YA offers some really fantastic literature and if you struggle with the often ‘grey and dry’ quality to adult fiction then you will be pleasantly surprised to find some absolutely outstanding and challenging books in the teen section.

That is all for this week but be sure to return next week for another instalment of “Unmissable Books” when we will be discussing V.E Schwab’s Shade of Magic series (A personal favourite). 


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