Weekend Breaks: How to Plan a Quintessential English Getaway

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There are many fabulous things about England, and that is why a quintessentially English getaway makes for the perfect weekend break.

From afternoon tea to long walks in the country to enjoying fish and chips beside the seaside, there are a number of different ways to plan the perfect quintessential English getaway.

Drink a cup of tea at least every four hours

The Brits love their tea, and if you’re planning a quintessential English getaway, you should ensure that you pack at least one packet of PG tips and a few cubes of sugar (although if you choose to drink your tea like the Queen, omit the sugar and just add the milk).

Tea can be consumed throughout the day regardless of the weather, and ideally, it should be enjoyed with a biscuit — nothing too fancy, a simple digestive will do just fine.

Once you have your tea brewed to your liking, sit back, relax and start complaining about the weather.

Book into the Regency Tea Room for some afternoon tea

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There is nothing more English than enjoying afternoon tea in the country, and it wouldn’t be truly English if it wasn’t accompanied by a neat and lovingly presented treat. There are a number of fabulous places serving afternoon tea across England, but one of the best is located west of London in Bath city centre.

The Regency Tea Room not only serves a stunning afternoon tea, it also introduces you to the history of the great literary legend, Jane Austen. If you are also looking to indulge in some English history, alongside your quintessential getaway, Bath is undoubtedly one of the best places to explore.

Bath is home to some of the most beautiful and historic buildings in England, including the Roman Baths located in Bath city centre.

Once you’ve finished your afternoon tea, we highly recommend paying a visit to the Roman baths and walking around Bath, in order to fully appreciate everything this city has to offer.

Book into your local pub and order a Sunday roast

The English love their Sunday roasts, and they also love their pubs (two things that English travellers struggle to do without when they are outside England!) If you’re looking to plan a quintessential English getaway, you must include at least one meal at an English country pub, and ideally, you should order a Sunday roast whilst you’re there.

If you’re in the country’s capital, we recommend paying The Bull & Last pub a visit. Based in Highgate and described as possessing ‘country pub charm’, this pub is the perfect combination of comfort, traditional decor and delicious food.

Book into a quintessentially English boutique hotel

There are hotels all around the world that provide the facilities you require with the service that you desire, but there are only a handful of hotels that truly represent the area in which they are situated.

However, when it comes to England, these hotels can be found in abundance up and down the country. Harington’s Hotel is one hotel that encapsulates the beauty of Bath and England within its design, providing guests with an insight into the history of Bath through wallpaper, furniture and architecture.

There are a number of different hotels around England that will compliment your quintessential English getaway, so as soon as you’ve decided on your location, search for smaller, boutique hotels and avoid the larger, more generic chain hotels.

Buy a ticket for the Chelsea Flower Show

The English love to spend time outside, and they particularly love to spend time gardening and admiring the greenery around parks and gardens.

The Chelsea Flower Show is one of the best places to enjoy and appreciate some of the finest flowers within England, as well as some of the most beautiful gardens and arrangements that you’ve ever seen.

In order to enjoy a true quintessentially English experience, book your tickets for this stunning show and enjoy a day discussing the beauty of your surroundings and enjoying afternoon tea at the inspired Dorchester dining room.

Visit the Lake District and channel William Wordsworth

‘When all at once I saw a crowd, a host, of golden daffodils; beside the lake, beneath the trees, fluttering and dancing in the breeze.’

Daffodils, William Wordsworth (1804)

The extract above is just one of the many interpretations of this stunning landscape, but it beautifully encapsulates everything that the Lake District has to offer.

This is one of the many areas around England that has been truly unspoilt by modern technology, and it offers miles upon miles of stunning rural landscape.

If you’re looking for a more active quintessential getaway, a weekend at the Lake District is the perfect way to enjoy England and experience first hand what mesmerized William Wordsworth so frequently.

Enjoy strawberries and cream at Wimbledon this summer (or on Henman’s Hill)

Wimbledon is one of the most iconic events held in England’s capital, and there is nothing more quintessentially English than eating strawberries and cream at this incredible sporting event.

If you are unable to obtain tickets for this event, you could wake up early and secure a spot on Henman Hill, complete with your strawberries, cream and a bottle of sparkling elderflower cordial. However, we do advise that if it is raining, as it occasionally tends to do in England, you spend the day somewhere indoors with plenty of tea and scones!

Author: Peter O’Sullivan is the owner of Harington’s Hotel, a vibrant city centre boutique hotel in Bath. Peter and his wife Melissa have lovingly restored this building to create a warm, inviting hotel, complete with a number of personal and historic touches. This boutique hotel in Bath offers both hotel rooms and facilities as well as self-catering apartments.

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