6 Fun Date Night Ideas to Enjoy this Weekend

fun date night ideas

Keeping a date night tradition is important, no matter what stage of a relationship you’re currently in. It can help keep the fun between couples and enjoy new experiences together  – why neglect it?

However, this day and age means that ‘date night’ limits itself to a meal out. Sometimes the most fun activities happen outside of a restaurant, so we’ve shared a handful of our favourite date night ideas to beat the dining out routine:

1. The zoo

When my boyfriend and I first started “dating”, I made a point of us both visiting the zoo together (we actually ended up at a theme park where I was dragged on multiple scary rides/roller-coasters but hey, adventures make for a great day!).

Zoos and aquariums make excellent dates and are one of our first date recommendations because of how natural they can feel. If you are relatively new to your relationship, such a large environment can help you to feel more at ease. Even if you’ve been in your relationship for a long time, the zoo is bound to be a fantastic day out.

2. Heads or tails game

One of my favourite things to do is to play the ‘heads or tails’ game when driving.

The game is easy – you toss a coin. Heads is left; tails is right. The side in which the coin lands on leads the way to your next turning, and you follow it until you find something worth stopping for.

Not only does it allow couples to spend quality time together, but it also makes for a great adventure wherever you do end up – just remember you need to find a way home at the end!

3. Play a board game

Who said that games had to be boring? Sometimes, simplistic date night ideas are the best! Playing a board game together can be a great way to bond with your partner, plus restore a little bit of healthy competitiveness in your relationship.

Some of my favourites include Cluedo, Poker and Monopoly, although the latter tends to make dates last a few hours long!

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4. Have a night out, together

Whilst couples are bound to have their own separate friendship groups, it can make a refreshing change to enjoy a night out together.

Whether you’re heading to a quiet wine bar in your town or a club in the city centre, going out provides couples with a chance to both let their hair down – together.

5. Go back to your childhood

If you and your partner grew up in separate areas, it can be fun to take a trip down memory lane and let your partner explore the areas where you grew up.

For relatively new relationships, these are great date night ideas that allow you to get to know your partner even more. Visit the parks you played on, the houses of friends you used to have and the school you used to go to. Not only will it allow your partner to go on an adventure, but you can see how places have changed on your own nostalgic journey.

6. Cook together

If you are both foodies and absolutely cannot resist visiting somewhere for food, you can swap the expensive dining for a home-cooked meal for your date night ideas.

Cooking together is an excellent bonding activity and because it encourages teamwork, can help you feel closer to your partner. In addition to this, the sense of accomplishment of cooking a successful meal can make an excellent date!


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