8 Things You Need to Know About Your Personal Trainer

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Finding yourself a personal trainer can be tricky, and getting to know your own fitness mentor well enough can set you up on a great path to improving your overall health. If you’ve never had an experience with PTs before (or have one you train with regularly!), here are eight things you should know about them:

  1. We feel the pressure to look good

Yes, as a personal trainer we should practice what we preach, but we are human too. As leaders in this industry there is a lot of pressure to have a rippling body and thighs that could crack a walnut, but we are normal people who have bad esteem days once in a while. Sometimes we’re feeling bloated and don’t want the world looking at us in lycra.

  1. We can’t work miracles if you aren’t making any effort

How many hours a week do you see your trainer? And how many hours are there outside of those sessions? It’s what you do with those that has the most affect on your regime and progress, so if you’re not making healthy decisions or trying to make the changes we recommend you simply won’t see the results. And truth is, this will frustrate us.

  1. If you’re not dedicated to your programme, it’s obvious

I know within one or two meetings with a new client whether they are going to be dedicated to the programme or going to be flaky or not put in the effort. Then when they don’t lose weight or get results, I have to point out that they are paying money for my time and surely they want to get the most out of that? Any decent trainer should care more about your results and making the sessions worthwhile to you than just taking your money.

  1. We aren’t judging you

Or sharing your secrets with our friends, or laughing behind your back if you can’t manage a push up yet. All a personal trainer cares about is giving you the help that you need.

  1. Unless you’re asking for it, a six pack isn’t our goal for you either

It’s whatever goal you are hoping to achieve – weight loss, strength, fitness, mental wellbeing. If a rippled core comes with it then so be it but unless that it a specific goal for you we aren’t going to force you to do a million sit ups each day.

  1. Everything we do is out of love, even when you hate us

My clients hate it when I remind them of this when they are in the middle of burpees, but it’s true. No trainer would ever derive a workout for you with the intention that you will be miserable or feel bad about yourself. We are there to push your comfort zone and make you see that you can do more than you believe….even if I can feel your evil stare behind my back

  1. The work for us doesn’t end when your session does

A lot of time, thought and planning goes into your sessions and your programmes because every client is different and personal training is about exactly that – what YOU need. Which takes work and dedication from us after you’ve gone on with your day.

  1. Your milestones make our day

I can’t tell you the happiness I feel when a client reaches their goal, or fits in to that pair of jeans, or moves up a weights level. We are on the journey with you and any trainer worth their pennies will be just as invested in your progress as you are – so when you reach those goals or have a good day, so do we.

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