How Chest Training Can Transform & Improve Your Exercise Routine

chest training

Most women dream for a flat and muscular stomach, thinner thighs and rounded glutes, so when they start exercising with a trainer, the chests are never on their wish list. Most girls are under the impression that this group of muscles should be left out of their training because they are afraid that they will get flat in this area.

If you want to get complete results from your training, you must include chest exercises as well. A great upper body will never be complete if you avoid the chest workout.

By completely avoiding this type of training you can develop a muscular imbalance which can lead to having a bad posture, inability to get maximum results from other types of exercises, and you may become more prone to injuries.

To completely forget about your fears about chest workouts, we must try to resolve some myths before we show you some basic and very helpful exercises.

Myth #1 – You need to do only pushups

If you are doing only pushups you will never get great results. As for any other muscle group, you need to combine a variety of workouts and weight resistance for greater results.

If you add dumbbell flyes, bench press and cable to your ordinary routine, you will feel the difference after a few trainings. Do them at the end of your workouts on a regular basis.

Myth #2 – Chest training will make my boobs smaller

If you are getting this idea by looking at the professional female bodybuilders, get this thought out of your head immediately. This happens to them not because of working out their chests, but because of their extreme diet. Especially before their bodybuilding contests, female bodybuilders are on extreme diets to get a very low body fat percentage, that sometimes it is not even considered healthy.

That’s why you are under the impression that this is happening because of their workout. As long as you are trying to sustain a healthy body fat level, you will never have a problem.

Myth #3 – Chest training will make my boobs firm

Chest training will reshape the muscle under the fat that makes the breast. So this is just a ridiculous myth. If any, it will make them look fuller and your cleavage will look as amazing as never before.

You won’t gain mass unless you are on a special high-calorie diet.

– By lifting weight you won’t get big, you will just increase your body strength, so stop avoiding it.

– Repeat every exercise 10-12 times in one set.

– 2-3 sets for every exercise is more than enough.

– Take a rest (1 minute) between every set.

Frequency of chest training

Try to include chest training into your regular workout at least twice a week. Always take a break from chest training for at least one day before you repeat this type of exercises.

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