Fall for Autumnal Fashion & Timepiece Trends

Fall for Autumnal Timepiece Trends

Autumn is a marmite of a season, but no matter if you love it or hate it, it provides ample opportunity to freshen up your look. One of the linchpins of any outfit is the timepiece.

A good watch can subtly amplify any outfit, if matched well. They catch the eye and provide an idea of personality through accessory as well as showcasing an individual style. A well-chosen watch will compliment many different looks, so versatility is key.

As a result, the decision as to which watch to buy should be taken with great consideration.

Key Fashion Points for Autumn 2016

Every year has new trends and 2016 is no different, with many watch designers going for either sleek looks or stunning watch face designs.

Regarding the latter in particular, skeletonised watch faces exposing the inner mechanisms are making a strong show with many designers giving us their interpretation of this style. Alongside this, the trend of wooden watches continues to grow in strength, with many designers now offering bespoke wooden watch making services.

In terms of colour palettes to be considering, autumn 2016 is all about earth tones with dashes of vibrant hues. Mellow yellows, warm sepia tones and steely blues are going to be critical for the overall colour scheme. Adding touches of warm reds will work with all these bases, so look for rossa corsa, scarlett or coquelicot.

Getting the contrast right can be difficult, but with the right accessories and smaller articles of clothing it can be easily achieved. With this is mind, when looking at watches bare particular attention to the colour of the watch strap and watch face.

If going for the metal watch strap and/or watch face, rose gold will be a good choice for this year. Just avoid any polishes when cleaning, otherwise it may end up having to undergo emergency watch repair.

Wooden Watches

Wooden watches have been a growing trend over the last few years as millennials look to differentiate their style from the generations that came before.

Fall for Autumnal Timepiece Trends

With sustainability now a key issue in almost any area of life, the search for a sustainable alternative to plastic and metal watches has led designers and watchmakers to begin working with wood.

A perfect example of a crossover between the wooden trend and the skeletonised style mentioned earlier is the Salix Masterpiece. The Masterpiece is an incredible piece of craftsmanship. Not only are the watch face and watch strap made from wood, the entirety of the inner workings are also wood carved.

Each is made to order so individuality is assured. The uniqueness has to be paid for however, with each Masterpiece costing between $4000 – $5000.

Choosing the Right Watch Strap

It can be argued that the watch face is the prominent feature of any watch, but the importance of choosing the right watch strap if often overlooked. The material and colour are critical to completing the look of the watch and as a consequence, the overall style of the outfit.

This year, leather watch straps are at the forefront, coming in bold, vibrant, and pastel colours: reds, pinks, purples, and oranges. These colours are perfect for the 2016 autumn season.

The current popular choice for stylish and versatile metal watch bands are the two-tone silver/gold combinations. These give an air of sophistication and class as well as being able to maintain. Simply rise in water and dry before wearing.

Avoid polishes on precious metals as they can tarnish the metal which could end up with the watch band and face requiring a full watch service.

How to Care for Your New Watch

One thing to note when it comes to watch servicing is that if washing leather with water, give ample time for the watch strap to dry out before wearing. Body heat can cause damp leather watch straps to rot, shortening the lifespan of the watch strap.

For convenience when coming to watch servicing, online watch repair has grown substantially over the last few years. Postage is safe and secure and the pricing is competitive with high street prices while removing the hassle of having to get to a shop.

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