How to Keep Fit on Holiday Without Using the Hotel Gym

How to Keep Fit on Holiday Without Using the Hotel Gym

Be honest…how many of you take your gym kit on holiday with you and never even unpack it? And then go home, feel a bit softer and vow that next time you WILL go for a run each morning to work off those cocktails… Am I right?

Don’t worry, even the best of us may not feel choose to hit the hotel gym or go for a morning run over a sleep in or a laze by the pool. However, there are still ways to keep your fitness levels up without feeling like you’ve forced yourself into a workout.

Here are our ultimate tips for holiday fitness and ensuring that you aren’t neglecting your exercise routine throughout your travels:

Utilise the Pool

Swimming itself is a great workout, but if you’re not one for lengths, then try this quick water holiday fitness workout:

– High knee jog on the spot
– Star jumps
– Jumping lunges (stand with one leg forward, one leg back and then jump up and change)
– Jumps side to side
– Standing kicks
– Tuck jumps
– Keep your arms straight and open them all the way out and then clap them in front of you
– Tap the opposite elbow and knee together, alternating sides
– Cycle your legs for the whole count without touching the floor

See the Sights

Walking is so good for you, and if you’re out on a hike and seeing the local area it won’t feel like a cardio session. Take in some hills, cross some sand or quicken your pace to vary the intensity and incline – and don’t forget to stretch those legs out.

Go for a Bike Ride

Again, cycling is a great workout and if you’re taking yourself on a new adventure it won’t feel like work (make sure you wear a helmet!).

Do Some Morning Yoga

Whether it be a few poses and stretches on your balcony or you can find a local class, you’ll feel refreshed and energised to start your day with a yoga session and give both your mind and body a workout – plus it won’t really feel like you’ve dragged yourself to the gym.

Play Games

How long has it been since you played some frisbee, or a game of rounders, or threw around a football? You don’t have to be a budding sportsperson, just have a play about to get your heart rate up and add some fun into your day. You’d be surprised how many people will want to join in!

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