How to Master the Effortless, Parisian Fashion Style

How to Master the Effortless, Parisian Fashion Style

What makes a woman stand out from the crowd, looking good in an outfit that seems to be chosen so carelessly? People cannot really put a finger on it. There is something unexplainably attractive about the effortless style: it reflects a laid back attitude, it is nonchalant, eye-catching, and cool.

Studies have shown that being cool is often associated with rebelliousness and confidence – and it makes perfect sense in the fashion world, too. Behind casual looks of celebrities, there stands an army of stylists, makeup artists, and hairdressers.

Don’t get discouraged: you too can achieve this look on the budget, by investing some of your time and following a few tips.

Be Simple and Spontaneous

The key to the effortless look is confidence. Start by changing your mindset when it comes to picking an outfit. You deserve more than standing in front of your wardrobe and stressing yourself by thinking how nothing fits you.

Don’t try too hard and stick with the pieces you enjoy wearing. The time we live in has pushed fashion to its limits, so almost anything is acceptable. Dress for yourself, not for anybody else.

For the effortless-chic charm, experiment with current trends, but don’t follow them too accurately. Craft your outfit on the go and don’t spend too much of your time in front of the mirror, weighing whether or not it looks nonchalant enough.

Don’t Over-Accessorise

You may like a nice piece of jewelry, but when it comes to the effortless style – less is more. Take advice from one of the greatest fashion icons. Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off. Effortless look has to be simple, but simple doesn’t mean plain!

You should use accessories, but do it wisely: pick pieces that make your style more personal and unique. Stick with one or two types of jewellery: simple ring or two, a statement bracelet, discrete push back or cluster earrings, or a nice necklace. Don’t go over the top – you don’t want to make it too complicated or glamorous.

Avoid the ‘Too-Matched’ Look

Effortless look demands mixing different types of fabrics, colours, or even patterns. You don’t want to make it “too matchy” and leave an impression as if you’ve carefully thought your outfit through.

A simple switch in the choice of footwear can mean a difference between effortless look and the one that’s too formal. For example, when coming up with your business look, pick one of your with classic cuts, but instead of wearing stilettos, choose flats or leopard pattern leather slip-ons.

Instead of the perfect look, strive towards incorporating an element of surprise. It may be the choice of footwear, a bag with lots of vivid coloured pendants, or an unusual belt that stands out.

Layering is a Must

Layers can completely transform your outfit. If you have a dress that follows your body line nicely, add an oversized sweater and a pair of boots – now it’s a casual well-fitted skirt. Be playful and embrace the careless look via layering: choose oversized pieces, light scarves, different types of fabrics.

Consider skipping ironing to avoid looking too polished, but don’t push it too far and risk the sloppy-look.

Consider Your Hair and Makeup

Hair and makeup choices reflect on your overall style, too. For an effortless style, avoid sleek looks, such as polished chignons or complicated updos. Stick with easy to make. When it comes to makeup, opt for the natural look and tone it down.

Effortless style screams “I don’t care” from the rooftops when in fact – it does aspire to leave an impression and it does require a certain amount of effort. These are the five basic tips you can follow in order to accomplish a head-turning style without looking as if you’ve tried too hard.

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