5 Essential Travel Tips I’ve Learned From Travelling Across the World


I like to travel. No, I LOVE to travel. It’s in my bones, my heart and my mind if I’m being really honest. I’ve worked in the travel industry so that might be the reason why! Anyway, I like to give advice and blog about my experiences abroad.

Having travelled extensively all over the world, I’ve learned some really valuable tips over the years. Travelling can be stressful, exciting, exhilarating and a total mix.

There are certain things you can do to enjoy your time abroad while staying in budget, creating memories and being able to see everything you want to see. Lets get started…

1. Research your destination of choice

Okay so you’ve kinda wrote out where you want to go on the trip.. this is your version of your itinerary. But is that enough? Simply no. It’s important to study the place you’re going to. Find out what hotels are close to the attractions you want to see, how much local buses or ubers cost and any tips from locals on how to get the best out of your trip. Having this knowledge gives us power, so the more you know…

As an example, I travelled to Berlin a year or so ago and before I set off I checked how far away certain attractions were from the Park Inn Hotel and this way it was easy to calculate whether we could walk, take transport and figure how much time we had at each place.

2. What do you want to get out of your trip?

Travelling in a group can be a mixture of the best times and the most stressful. Lets say you plan on taking time off from University or work to visit South America. All of you are in Brazil and a couple of you want to visit the Rio beach while one person wants to see the Christ the Redeemer statue.

This can cause friction in the group. My point is, as a group figure what you want to do on each day, compromise so you can get the best out of the trip so you don’t waste time.

3. Pack light, not tight!

You can be forgiven for packing too much. We all get caught up in the excitement of a holiday or travelling experience.

If you’re travelling for a period of time you might have a backpack so it’s better to leave those heels at home, pack sandals, only a few items are really needed because you’re travelling you’re not going to a night out. Furthermore, if you’re staying in a hostel or apartment complex, their likely to have washing facilities on site.

I was lucky to have a friend working at a serviced apartment complex in Paris called Fraser Suites when I visited there (big discount) and they had washing facilities so it made my whole travelling experience better because of a simple thing such as a washing machine.

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4. Ask, because if you don’t you might not get!

It’s important to ask for freebies because you just never know what you’re going to get. Whether that’s in a motel in LA or a 5* apartment in Manhatten. It’s ideal to get a free deal. You might be on the way home from a long trip of the Americas and you’re happy but DRAINED.

Ask at check in if there’s any chance of an upgrade as you feel you need it. It might come across cheeky but you just never know.

5. And finally…

Enjoy travelling. Experience as much as you can and have fun. See the best in the good and in the bad and learn from going abroad as lets be honest isn’t that the whole point?

What is your best travel tip? Where is your favourite place that you’ve ever visited?

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Latresa McClain is a travel blogger at The Low Cost Traveller.
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