3 Pairs of Must-Have Jeans for Your Wardrobe


Jeans are timeless. They rarely go out of style, and they’re one of the only pieces of clothing where the more you wear them, the better they fit and feel. If you’re in the market for a few new pairs this season, take a look at some of the must-have styles that are as unique as they are fashionable.


There are two kinds of flares you can wear. The first are the classics that we all know and love. They’re skinny throughout the leg and widen at the ankle, and they’re long enough to cover the tops of your shoes. They go great with just about everything, so you can wear them like any other pair of skinnies or bootcut jeans.

The second kind of flare jeans are relatively new. Looking at some of the latest collections of designer jeans at Lyst you can see a reoccurring theme of cropped bootcut jeans, sometimes known as “military flares.” They’re tight throughout the leg, and then flare out a few centimeters above the ankle. These fun jeans put a new twist on denim capris. When pairing them with a top, let the pants be the bold focal point, and keep the rest of your outfit simple. A fitted top is all you need. You can even tuck it in if the top allows.

High-Waist Skinnies

The trends have spoken and low-rise jeans are out. Instead, if you’re in the market for some classic denim, find a pair of high-waisted skinnies. The new style might be lovingly referred to as “mom jeans,” but they’re just as sleek and stylish as the denim that you’re used to.

An article from Quartz even went so far as to call this season the “breakout summer for mom jeans.” According to their sources, this past June was one of the most profitable months for the design since 2014, with some suppliers recording anywhere from a 100 to 250 percent increase in demand.

It doesn’t matter which shade of denim you pic. These jeans will lift and shape your backside, all while giving you a slim, fit profile. They’re a denim win-win.

White Jeans

These certainly aren’t pants you can wear just anywhere. If your commute is particularly muddy, or you’re heading out to eat a particularly messy meal, they probably aren’t the pants you want to wear. But nevertheless, white denim jeans are, to say the least, white hot right now.

The most popular pair is a mid-waist, pair of skinnies, but if you need a little more help finding the style that best suits you, check out the white jeans guide from Fashionista. Their guide can help you find a complementary silhouette, choose the right fabric, and even help you select the right underwear so you’re undies aren’t the star of the show when you turn around.

You can never have too many pairs of jeans. Denim just gets better with age, so stock up on some of these pieces now, and you’ll be able to wear them comfortably for years to come.

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