Think You Could Tackle This Record Breaking Feast?

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You know the expression “your eyes a bigger than your belly”? Well, whoever ordered this is certainly a culprit.

ASK Italian has has attempted the Guinness World Record for ‘Giantipasti’ with an antipasti board that stretches the length of the restaurant!  The board, which features a mouth-watering array of 62,100g of ingredients, includes 16,000g of cured meats, 13,000g of cheese and 13,000g of vegetables across an antipasti board measuring 10 metres long to set the first ever record of its kind.

It took a dedicated team three hours to build the feast for guests to enjoy, with world renowned chef Theo Randall chipping in to etch his name in the record books.



The board was laid with carefully selected ingredients from ASK Italian’s four new antipasti boards, leaving guests spoilt for choice with a range of smoked prosciutto, rosemary & sea salt bread, fioncchiona salami and a variety of Italian cheeses.

Theo Randall said: “It was a great experience to work with ASK Italian’s team to create ‘Giantipasti’. Antipasti has an important role in Italy to draw people together, prompting interaction through the act of sharing and bringing the conversation to life. Giantipasti is the perfect way for ASK Italian to bring this concept to life.”



ASK’s new autumn menu has been devised to celebrate the ‘Joy of Italian Eating’; featuring beautifully crafted dishes, sharers and complimenting their 100% Italian wine list.

Like generations of Italians, ASK Italian are encouraging guests to take a moment away from the grind of daily life, connect with the people around them and truly relish effortlessly enjoyable Italian food.



Corinne Prior, Marketing Director of ASK Italian commented: “We are so excited to have been the first people to ever attempt a world record sized antipasti. Sharing a ‘Giantipasti’ is a perfect example of our desire to bring people together with food just like the Italians do. We look forward to welcoming everyone to try the new menu.”

ASK Italian’s autumn menu is now available in all restaurants and is available to view online at

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