The Travel Packing List: Costa Rica


If you’re planning a holiday in Costa Rica, you need to be prepared for every possible weather outcome, because this beautiful country has many microclimates.

Depending on what time of the year you’re going and whether you’ll be hanging on the beach, hiking on the mountains, or just exploring the city, you better have a few just in case items, especially you’re a first-time visitor.

We share six essential fashion items that you need to pack for a holiday to Costa Rica to ensure that you have a great holiday:

T-shirts and Tops

This is such a generic and logical thing to pack no matter where you’re traveling to, but don’t underestimate the power of everyday cotton T-shirts. They might just be your main part of every outfit. Because they are so easy to pair with anything, and they don’t take too much space, feel free to pile them up, and bring more than you normally would.

Pack a few simple basics, V-neck short sleeves, and for the dressier version, take a few with interesting prints and colors, maybe with straps or fringe. It’s best that they’re made of natural material like cotton, that absorbs the sweat, as you’ll be facing high humidity areas.


Shorts are pretty much the best option and you’ll want something to feel comfortable in when you’re moving around. High waist denim shorts and strappy sandals or flip-flops for a beach day or walk around the city, and a pair of sporty board shorts for water related activities. If you’re going anywhere near the rainforest, or for a mountain hike, sporty yoga pants are better choice.

A pair of sneakers is compulsory, but feel free to leave your jeans at home, you’ll have a limited range of movement, and you’ll feel hot in them.

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Do bring a summery maxi dress for a dinner date at the restaurant or for any kind of fancier occasion. It’s also a great outfit for the plane if you pair it with a denim jacket. Long jersey dresses and maxi skirts paired with a basic shirt are all the right outfits to spend your holiday days in. Don’t forget to add a pair of sunnies and a hat to this combination, for both the practical and stylish reasons.


This is a handy thing to have just in case the weather gets bad and you don’t want to stay inside. Plus, sheer and colorful raincoats can be pretty cool and they are much better option than umbrellas, and they take less space so you can always have them with you in your bag.

So apart from the obvious, which is at least two pairs of swimsuits, undies, sports bra, socks, shirts and shorts, do pack a long-sleeved shirt and maybe a thin shawl that is handy for the beach, but that you can also wrap around you if it gets chilly.

Depending on your accommodation and your luggage size, if you’re not staying in one of houses for rent with a washing machine, or a hotel with a laundry service, pack more things, because the clothes you by hand will take some time to dry, especially the heavier fabrics.

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SPF protection and mosquito repellents are your main concerns. Always apply SPF especially during the first days and if your skin is fair and burns easily. As for the makeup, you won’t really need that much.

Take this trip as a chance to let your face rest from the heavy duty foundations and besides, it doesn’t go hand in hand with humidity anyway, so a mascara, an eyebrow pencil and chapstick are perfectly sufficient.


Tie it up! Unless you’re enjoying fresh out of the water beach waves, have someone put your hair in a nice braid that you can wear for a few days without having to worry about your hairdo. It’s the best solution if you want to tackle the unflattering effects of the humidity on your hair, and as a bonus, this way it has better protection from sun damage.

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